Friday, 16 October 2009

Korres Materia Herba Moisturising Cream

RRP: €32.50/$39/£32 for 50ml
Retails at Sephora, Harvey Nichols,, and many other locations

--What does the promo say?--
"This lightweight moisturiser helps control oil and contains a synergetic mix of citrus, honey, betaine - a natural aminoacid - and lemon pectin that regulates skin hydration."

I like, I like. The drawings on the box are immediately reminscent of old botany textbooks and the old-style typeface on the white tube immediately sends the sound of typewriters clattering through your head. The choice of colours is unisex and the tube seems to be of solid, durable quality.

--Usage instructions--
"After daily cleansing, apply to face and neck, avoiding the eye area." No problems here.

No visible residue is left on the skin after use, and the cream itself has a translucent, creamy off-white (slightly yellow) appearance.

Perhaps oddly, I was not struck by any sort of citrus or honey scent at all, but rather was confronted with a pleasantly overwhelming smell of sage. I really could not detect any of the main ingredients at all.

Takes some time to sink into the skin, which I don't really like, but certainly once it has been absorbed your skin does stay silky smooth all day long. Be careful, though, to ensure that your toner has completely dried before moisturising, as otherwise the cream can almost break up on your face and come away from the skin in bits rather than being absorbed properly.

--Effects on the skin--
You certainly do get day-long silky softness and shine is reduced throughout the day. However, I felt that the shine factor was increased immediately after application and took some time to settle down; in addition to this, the product did not deliver on the main hope that I had for it: I had been hoping that it would improve the overall condition of my acneic skin, and it did not do this. Admittedly it doesn't promise to, but at this price, and with these ingredients, I did nevertheless expect that it might.

--Value for money--
If this cream were the same price as Korres' usual moisturisers (under £20) then this would definitely be an acceptable addition to the bathroom cupboard. However, when you double the figure, I start to expect miracles (or at least discernible results - or maybe that's just the "student budget" part of my brain that's still talking). While this was pleasant to use, though, I just didn't get that wow-factor feeling, either in terms of general use or in terms of overall results. A shame - but I'm still not put off trying some of Korres' other products, as they just sound divine: the gift sets in particular, as well as the pomegranate and complexion-clearing ranges, sound just irresistible.

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