Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation

RRP: £26.40 for 40ml
# of shades available: 8

--What does the promo say?--
"Dermalogica Treatment Foundation No.5 has natural, non-sensitizing pigments that maintain true color and texture all day without irritating the skin. Includes two hypoallergenic application sponges. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour."

Having only trialled this on a sample basis, I'm not in a position to comment fully. However, the screw-top lid looks secure and the design concept both belongs confidently to the Dermalogica brand and clearly identifies itself as a foundation. All good :)

The website instructs:
"1. Dot on each area of the face.
2. Blend with provided application sponge or with fingertips. Do not rub.
3. Wait one minute before applying powder or blush."

This is all fairly simple. However, I would discourage the use of any sort of sponge, as they are undoubtedly the most unnhygienic application method around. Go for your fingers or a foundation brush instead.

As with the Rimmel, the sample shade that I had managed to procure was a tad too dark for my skin. However, unlike with the Rimmel shade, I still wasn't 100% happy with it once it was blended, so olive-skinned people should have no problems with this brand at all. Whether or not it was my imagination, though, I did find it had a slightly shinier finish than I would normally be happy with, too.

Lovely and creamy, but not too rich or comedogenic.

Initially good, but wore off quickly. Reapplications of concealer and/or powder are definitely needed during the day.

--Effects on the skin--
One of the supremely positive aspects of this product: this is the main point of the product and thankfully it does deliver. I did definitely notice a difference in skin condition even in the few days of use that I had from my sample, with skin seeming more balanced and with fewer spots and dry patches.

--Value for money--
While there are websites offering this for less than the RRP, and while the foundation does help to reduce acne, I'd still say that it was pretty expensive, and that I'd really like to see Dermalogica improve the overall formulation so that it stays on for longer and gives a more matte finish before I commit to buying it with any sort of regularity. For now, opt for Rimmel's Renew and Lift instead.

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Laura said...

thanks for that detailed review. Nice to now that Rimmel compares so favourably with Dermalogica, you will save us all some money!

JoyceChia said...

I recently got my hands on shade 2 and it was way too dark for me. My face seems to have gone lighter than my body from the sun so my foundation has been looking too light. Since it was too dark i mixed it with my lighter foundation and the colour looked different but when put on it looks the same as the lighter dermalogica foundation!
So basically its so sheer with no coverage at all.
In hot weather it literally melts on your face. I had my phone against my face and the foundation just melted right onto it and also on my sunnies.