Sunday, 21 February 2010

Arbonne Eye Shadow

RRP: £8.50

--What does the promo say?--
"The eyes have it with these 14 moisturising formulas that enhance lids with gorgeous colour that won’t flake or smudge."

I can't comment on this in a great deal of detail given the sample nature of my test, but I do hope that the eyeshadow trays are fixed into the real compact much more securely than they are in the samples - mine were constantly falling out (though not to any damage, thank goodness). As a plus point, though, the application sponges appear to be sturdy.

Idiot-proof; even the most inexperienced of beginners will be able to get a good all-purpose look with these complementary eyeshadows. Just stroke across the eyelids, blend a little bit if needed, and voilà.

The choice of shades is, I think, about right: there are enough different colours to provide choice and variety but not so many that you're overwhelmed. They are all wonderfully flattering and natural-looking, and, as previously mentioned, a classy yet subtle look is easy to achieve. This result is not only suitable for work or for a low-key daytime look, but when layered can also be shimmery and special enough for night-time. On the website, the colours are divided into three groups according to complexion - Warm (6 shades), Neutral (6 shades), and Cool (2 shades) - so that you are able to pick the colours that best suit you. And, in case you don't already know which complexion category (popularised by MAC and the now-defunct Prescriptives) applies to you, there are also brief, readable notes on the website to help explain. The two colours I was sent - Dusk, and Tulle - are very classic and wearable. They make you look like you have put in so much more effort than you actually have (which is always nice!) and they go well with anything.

A very gentle powder that flakes easily in the tray and blends easily on the eyelid.

This is a tricky one. As the promotional materials state, the colours do indeed stay resistant to flaking, smudging and creasing. However, I did find that they faded, and that consequently at least one reapplication was required during the day.

--Value for money--
While the colours are certainly beautiful, you can have L'Oréal trios, which are of quite high quality, for less, but they may not be as natural as Arbonne's monos (which contain cucumber extract and aloe, making them suitable for those with even the most sensitive eyes, which the L'Oréal ones may not be). Revlon's ColourStay Quads also offer more colours in one compact for roughly the same money, so it's about choosing according to your needs: if the high street shadows irritate your eyes and/or you don't want to be one of the crowd, then Arbonne's eyeshadows may well be for you.

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Linda A. Metzger said...

Arbonne makeup can only be purchased through an Arbonne Consultant. You can order through me with ID#18467277 or contact me for a discount.

BiancaP said...

Hi Linda

Thanks for your comment!

While Arbonne does certainly allow the interested to shop through Arbonne's consultant, on the UK site at least, there is also a big "shop online" button, meaning that there are several options for people wanting to buy the products (perhaps depending on where you live).

arbonne411 said...

I've been with Arbonne for over 6 years now and am as happy as from day 1!!! Never did I say that about anyother cosmetics line. Please try the Revelage Anti Aging Skin's amazing! click shoponline click U.K.