Friday, 26 February 2010

Liz Earle Superbalm

RRP: £15 for 30ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Our ‘emergency’ skin salve rescues and soothes skin. Made from pure plant oils and natural waxes plus shea butter, it gently softens and calms dry skin on hands, heels, elbows, lips and helps condition nails and cuticles."

The silver and transparent combination is a successful one, conveying something special without being too glitzy. It's simple, unisex and sophisticated, and the screw-top lid makes it easy to open it when you need it and to close it when you don't. The plastic packaging also means it's light, but the downside of this is that the fact of it not being made of glass and metal means you don't feel that you're holding something luxurious in your hand that carries the weight of every penny paid.

Smear onto any area of dry skin that needs attention, from your feet to your lips. The opening to the balm is also of just the right size that you can roll your heels and elbows in it quite comfortably, but for hygiene reasons I wouldn't recommend this unless you're really only going to use the balm on one part of your body (and you're not going to share the Superbalm with others). The only difficulty comes from the fact that the balm is very hard, rather than being softer like Vaseline or like your standard lip balm: it can mean that on larger areas of the body (e.g. feet) you have to be patient as it's not especially spreadable and you have to keep dipping back into the pot.

A pale, creamy, slightly yellow balm that leaves no visible residue on the skin.

A very hard balm, but it rubs into the skin very easily.

Divine - a bit like tea, though it's difficult to tell where this comes from due to the cornucopia of oils and waxes used in this product (specifically hazelnut, rosehip, avocado, neroli, lavender and camomile oils, and candelilla and carnauba waxes, as well as shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E, and echinacea). The citrusy scent of the neroli is also predominantly detectable.

--Effects on the skin--
Persistently hard and tough skin is made to feel baby-soft and like new. This effect is felt wherever the Superbalm is used on the body, making skin caressable and comfortable, and with irritation being greatly reduced. Wonderful stuff!

--Value for money--
Clearly palpable effects, both short and long term, coupled with highly reasonable pricing, make this not only a perfect personal treat but also a wonderful gift and an indispensable travel essential (anything multi-use is always good). It's also available in tiny 5g jars for under £5 should you want it for sample or travel purposes. Top marks.

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