Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Arbonne Creme Concealer

--What does the promo say?--
Masks imperfections, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness with a velvety formula that dries to a powdery soft finish."

# of shades available:
3 (light - medium - dark)

While the packaging seems robust, it lacks the wow factor somewhat and a mirror inside it (even though it would of course only be a small mirror - this is a very tiny and portable concealer compact) would perhaps be preferable to the lacklustre plastic window Arbonne has as part of the lid. It's also very 'fingerprinty' - much like Guerlain's compacts - so don't expect this to stay looking clean. These are only superficial problems, however.

Once you've done your usual routine (washing your face, and then applying face primer and eye primer if you use them), use your finger or a concealer brush to target blemishes or imperfections. This is easy enough to do; the concealer blends well and doesn't feel greasy on your fingers if this is how you're applying it.


--Texture and consistency--
Silky smooth and dries powder-light, as promised.

--Appearance and Coverage--
I'd normally be sceptical of face cosmetics that only come in three shades, and I stand by that. However, I'm lucky that the 'light' shade is perfect for me: it blends with my skin tone flawlessly. However, this is not to say that it's completely perfect; it doesn't always cover up really bad blemishes 100% and I feel that in this regard I have used better concealers (mainly by the now-defunct Prescriptives and by Clinique). Nevertheless, I'm aware that many people will not have blemishes that are as bad as mine and so for them it's unlikely to be of concern.


On this score, now, this concealer fares excellently: it compensates for any weaknesses in coverage by lasting all day long. You definitely won't need to retouch during the day with this, and it's wonderful to not have to think about it.

--Value for money--
I won't lie: this is definitely not cheap; BUT a quick sweep of the Boots website reveals that plenty of mainstream brands are more expensive, including Dior, Estée Lauder, Benefit and Lancôme. Even Olay's concealers are at times more expensive, so while this perhaps isn't intended for Maybelline fans, I'd still say that's pretty spanking value for money there. It's a long-lasting concealer that wears beautifully, and people with oily skin (who normally should avoid liquid or creme foundations and concealers - although that's not a rule that I'm very good at adhering to myself) just might have struck gold here. Price-wise, it's easily on a par with Clarins and Fashion Fair, while possibly even exceeding them in quality.

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