Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes

RRP: €28
# of shades available: 21

--What does the promo say?--
"Ellis has tested hundreds of eye shadows over the course of her career, and the moment she tried the formula of what has become ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes, she fell in love with its velvety texture. With its quick-drying properties and special blend of flower and coffee extracts, Creamy Eyes provides coverage without heaviness."

--Packaging--In keeping with the other products from the brand, the eyeshadow pen is a silver-bullet style canister that releases its colour through a sponge applicator at its end from manipulation of a click wheel. Easy, portable, convenient, sophisticated and edgy.

--Application--Just twist the end of the pen slowly until colour appears, then apply a little to your eyelid before blending using your fingertips. The brand recommends using different techniques for different looks, such as using it as a chunky eyeliner, creating a subtle look using blending, and using multiple colours for extra drama and flair.


The shade I was sent in 2010 - E104 - works well with my skin tone (pale) but is less bronze and shimmery than it appears online, instead being a more conventional brown and matte colour. Very classic and wearable. In 2018 I was sent shade E109, which as a creamy white defies instinct - most arguably wouldn't choose it - yet acts as a superb backdrop for just about any other colour you can think of, especially metallics (or can be worn alone if you are feeling especially bold).

--Texture and consistency--As promised, this is easy to blend to create subtle looks, or equally easy to just sweep across for something more dramatic. While it is a little paint-like, it is creamy, non-irritating, and easy to work with, which may be something that's especially important for those making their first forays into the world of makeup.

--Longevity--This product fares the best of all the Ellis Faas products I have tried in terms of staying power: no reapplication will be needed as this stuff does not budge (and yet it's easy to remove when you want to). There may just be such thing as the perfect eyeshadow.

--Value for money--
My comments here remain the same as for all other Ellis Faas products: they are expensive, but you are getting a classic yet on-trend professional quality product that makes a wonderful gift or a treat to yourself. Highly recommended.

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