Thursday, 4 August 2011

Ex-smokers to be captured by famous photographer Rankin


Famous photographer Rankin is looking for ex-smokers, or people who are trying to quit smoking, from across the EU, to be photographed by him and in doing so make history by participating in the latest campaign to be pro ex-smokers. By going to, you can enter yourself as one of the prospective 27 European ex-smokers to take part in the project. If you're chosen, you'll be brought to London to be photographed. Rankin enthuses about the project below:

Although, as you will have noticed above, this is a piece of sponsored content, the damage caused by smoking is something very close to my own heart. Not only do I work in an affluent international school, where worrying numbers of young people with too much money at their disposal take up smoking despite our best efforts to dissuade them, but both of my grandfathers also died of lung cancer because they smoked. Smoking not only makes you smell bad and burn a hole in your pocket, but it can yellow your nails and teeth, and accelerate the ageing process. Hardly a way to make yourself look beautiful. But more than that, smoking can cause a long, horrible, premature and painful death. Seriously - it's never too late to stop. If you're a smoker and want to quit, or already an ex-smoker, I really encourage you from the bottom of my heart to sign up.

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