Monday, 2 July 2012

Gimme head with hair, long beautiful hair...

No matter how we like to style or wear our hair, looking good is a concern all year round. For some people, making their hair looks good requires the best possible kit at affordable prices - a combination which can be tricky to achieve with new, trendy bits of equipment seeming to arrive in the shops hourly and it becoming harder and harder to make your monthly wages stretch. But there are ways of keeping costs down and still keeping a hold on your style.

I understand the importance of browsing in the shops and having a chance to physically touch, look at, and sometimes even try the item before buying. But sometimes it can pay to browse in store but then buy online; even with postage fees it often works out cheaper. Google Shopping is one of my best friends for this reason.

It also pays at times to look in unexpected places. For a range of hair straighteners, for instance, would you have thought to try Argos? Or Lloydspharmacy for heat protection spray? These places, which are perhaps more famous for jewellery, gifts, prescriptions and TENS machines, also offer a variety of big brands and the latest technology at low prices - the heat protection sprays I mentioned start at just £1.99, for instance, while Argos' selection of straighteners sees BaByliss, Philips and Remington straighteners being offered at competitive prices.

But along with taking care of hair comes times when we want to remove it completely - unwanted body hair and the beach just aren't compatible, after all. I usually wax, as my local salon charges just €4,50 per zone - meaning I can get my legs, bikini line and underarms done for just €13,50. But waxing is often more expensive in other areas and plenty of people are on the hunt for lower-cost or better-value options. Expensive hair-removal creams and constant-maintenance shaving regimes are frequently frustrating alternatives. You can visit Argos for laser hair removal too in the face of costly courses of salon treatment - their options are priced affordably, and even their more expensive hair removal systems, such as the Philips Lumea and the Rio Salon IPL Hair Removal System, still work out considerably cheaper than a professional course of treatment. Plus, there's the upside that you get to carry out the treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

It's things like this that sometimes make me think men have it easier - just a short back and sides at the barber's once a month to deal with, and the idea that body hair makes you more of a man means they can breathe much more easily. This is compared to women, who have to weigh up the costs of at-home hair removal versus the salon option, use four different products on their hair to remove the bed-head look and have to deal with hair dye on towels and ingrown hairs regularly. But luckily everyone - male or female! - can benefit from the one-stop-shop called Argos - complete with its laminated book of dreams - that seems to embody men's general desire to get shopping over and done with. Thanks to the system of ordering online or collecting in store, minimum queues and so much being under one roof, everything from model makeover days to laser hair removal is possible with next to no fuss. Great for those last-minute summer birthday buys and for great hair all year round.

This post was brought to you in conjunction with Argos

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