Thursday, 20 September 2012

Johnson's Face Care Oil Balancing Light Day Fluid

RRP: £4.07

--What does the promo say?--
"JOHNSON'S® Oil Balancing Light Day Fluid with UV filters is enriched with essential skin loving minerals and vitamins and helps to enhance your skin's natural moisture balance whilst caring for combination skin. Skin is left feeling beautifully soft and smooth."

The mixture of pink and green is very unusual and makes the product stand out in a positive way., and the image of the feather also makes the product recognisable as being part of Johnson's. In addition, the plastic tube proves both practical and sturdy.

Apply every morning after cleansing once skin has had a chance to dry off.

A translucent white gel that is absorbed invisibly into the skin.

The same as across the rest of the Johnson's range: like fresh laundry.

--Texture and consistency--
Light and fluid without being watery; sinks into skin easily without feeling greasy.

--Effects on the skin--
This couldn't quite banish some persistent dry patches, but I did see a small improvement during the period of testing. I've kept hold of this one to see if the effects on my acne are even greater over a longer time period.

--Value for money--
This £4 cream compares favourably with other creams in its price bracket for this skin type: I would easily choose it over the creams by Simple, Clean & Clear, and Witch. However, I'd also like to test it against Garnier's similarly-priced serum-regulating moisturiser, Doctor Brand's Oil-Free Soothing Lotion, and creams by Neph Aromatics to get an even stronger sense of its identity within this price range.

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