Saturday, 15 September 2012

Johnson's Face Care Rehydrating Night Cream

RRP: £4.07

--What does the promo say?--
"JOHNSON'S® Rehydrating Night Cream is enriched with skin loving minerals and vitamins to restore skin vitality and glycerine to help support your skin's rehydration overnight."

While I like the glass pot (brands where you pay much more sometimes still only supply plastic, which is far less luxurious and less easily recyclable), the lid doesn't seem like it would prove too robust during travel: on its journey from the PR company to my door, the lid on this shattered, although luckily, thanks to the foil lid inside, this didn't lead to any loss of product. Always great to be able to view the product from the outside so that you know when to restock, and jars mean you can get out every last bit, too (it's for this reason that I prefer them to tubes, despite the potential hygiene implications).

Apply at night after cleansing, once the skin has had a chance to dry.

An almost nacreous cream whose blendability is belied by its stiff appearance. Sinks in invisibly.

 Smells of cotton and fresh air. Should not interfere with any perfume.

--Texture and consistency--
Thick, luxurious, and creamy, yet blendable. A pleasure to use.

--Effects on the skin--
I know oily skin needs hydration still, but I'm not sure my skin needs the extra hydration provided by a night cream. I'll be passing this on to testers with more normal skin than I have so that they can hopefully report better results.

--Value for money--
At a little over £4 it's certainly inexpensive - but in this price bracket I'd be more likely to try a hemp night cream (£4.90), Clear Essence's lemon and vitamin C cream (which, at £5.49, is doubly good value as it's designed for day and night use), or a comfrey cream (£4.98), all of which would seem to be more appropriate for my skin type. However, there will be some people for whom it works well, and if it works for you, it's undoubtedly a bargain.

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