Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Eyesbright Contact Lenses

Bianca's Beauty Blog's Eye & Eye Makeup Correspondent, Gemma Summons, tries out Eyesbright's Contact Lenses with positive results:

I was sent Eyesbright's fashion contact lenses in September, with them being intended for daily use. They supposedly last 3 months under this pattern of use, but do come with a container with fluid, so you could feasibly use them for AGES if you weren't likely to use them every day. The lenses themselves are really comfortable and easy to put in. However, there is an obvious problem: if you're someone who really relies on normal contact lenses to actually SEE anything, you can't use these. Either that or you'd have to wear glasses, which, if you're using them for a special occasion/event, might defeat the whole point of them. Eyesbright should therefore consider bringing out a range with prescriptions - but as it is, you've either got to have perfect vision, or be happy to wear them with glasses.

I selected 'natural green' lenses, but the website does specifically have lenses for people with dark eyes (i.e. me). However, I wasn't a massive fan of the colours offered for dark eyes - they seemed really lurid or quite blatantly artificial (cat eyes, 'twilight vampire' eyes, etc). This would be fine if I was going for the shock factor and so would be perfect for Halloween or a fancy dress party, but not for more frequent use. So I did go for the natural green because I preferred the colour, but they don't actually show up all that much on my eyes, which is my fault for not following the website guidelines. However, looking at the lens itself, I think you'd get quite a nice effect if you had light eyes (blue, grey), although the colour around the edge is quite 'pixellated' - you wouldn't notice from conversation distance, but it's noticeable up close.
Gemma's right eye has the lens in
The strange thing is that the lens is larger than my normal iris - so you can see the ring of green around the edge, but it doesn't look bad. I suppose they make my eyes look a bit more hazel, which isn't a bad thing, so I don't have any problems with the colour (other than wishing it showed up more). My irises look like they've got a bit more 'dimension' to them because the lens is quite multitonal. But because the lenses ARE larger than my normal irises, my eyes do look a bit... weird. Not sure if anyone else would notice anything, but my irises are now bigger. Maybe I just have naturally small irises? Who knows. Either way, I'm quite undecided on the effect- I don't know if it makes me look a bit spaced out, or whether it actually makes my eyes look nicer.

If you wanted to play around with eye colours, or if you had to do fancy dress, I do think it's a great product. The lens is comfortable and easy to put in and it's good that they last such a long time. I don't think I chose the best lenses for me - I think you'd have much more success with all of the lenses if you have light eyes to start with, and the change would be much more dramatic. Even though the effect is not drastic enough for me to use them every day, I'd happily consider them if I had a themed party.

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Wren said...

The contacts are larger than a normal iris on purpose - it's supposed to create the effect of having larger and more innocent appearing eyes. Some like the look while others don't, it's all a matter of preference.

BiancaP said...

That's useful to know, Wren. Thanks for visiting :)