Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Yves Rocher Sublime Skin BB Cream

RRP: £18 (though currently on offer at £9.00)
# of shades available: 2

--What does the promo say?--
"BB cream- 1 beauty step, 6 results, Perfect Skin!
Sublime skin BB cream 6 in 1 :
- 24-hour moisturising,
- Evens out skin tone,
-Hides imperfections and signs of fatigue,
-Smoothes skin,
-Amplifies radiance,
-Protects against external aggressions.
A light texture that spreads uniformly over the skin."

The peach, white and green colour scheme is not terribly modern, but does capture the idea of white tea very well. The squeezy tube is convenient and easy to use.

Applying blemish balms is slightly different to applying foundations and tinted moisturisers; to avoid them looking caked on, you almost need to 'slap' them on. Many websites have articles written on this subject; just Google "how to apply BB cream" for more information. But don't worry; it isn't rocket science.

The light shade of the cream initially looks a bit grey straight out of the tube, but matches my pale skin tone perfectly once on. Hides signs of fatigue well, evens out skin tone and promotes radiance as mentioned in the promotional material, but I found that face powder was needed for a more matte finish.

Nothing chemical, although the white tea is hardly detectable either. I'd go as far as saying it's scentless.

--Texture and consistency--
Creamy and luxurious, yet easy to blend in. Never once feels cakey or greasy, drying to a powder-light finish.

Doesn't quite last 12 hours, but then again it never claims to. It hides imperfections quite well, but not perfectly: I found that extra concealer was needed for me.

--Effects on the skin--
Skin felt moisturised for sure, but I would have expected slightly more turbo-charged healing properties. For a couple of weeks I thought I saw a difference in my acne, but then the situation reverted to how it had been before. A shame.

--Value for money--
I would definitely repurchase this for the launch price of £9.00. However, at £18 I would hesitate. Even though Yves Rocher is a quality line that uses natural ingredients well, I would be more inclined to go for Clinique's in this price bracket, as it offers greater sun protection, or to try BB creams by Missha or Skin79, which are genuine BB creams all the way from Asia. One of the best Western BB creams on the market, however.

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