Saturday, 9 March 2013

Chapstick Lipsations Shimmer

RRP: £1.99
Number of varieties: 2 (Berry and Tropical)

--What does the promo say?--
"Add a bit of glamour to your lip care as the sun starts to shine, with new ChapStick® Lipsations Shimmer. This fabulous new duo offers the perfect combination of moisture, softness and protection with a beautiful pearlescent shine.

Perfect for making lips irresistibly kissable, the smooth formulation gives a subtle highlight with fine shimmer particles.  Available in two tempting flavours, Berry and Tropical, these glamorous new additions to the ChapStick range are a perfect pick to add a touch of sparkle, while 10 different moisturisers help to keep lips soft and looking healthy.

ChapStick Lipsations Shimmer has a special formulation to:
·         Give lips a radiant shine
·         Provide a subtle accent to ensure lips look beautiful and healthy
·         Maintain moisture balance to keep lips protected and soft

Why not also try using ChapStick Lipsations Shimmer as a top coat to your lipstick to give it that extra special shine and radiance? Perfect for taking your look from day to night!"

A compact tube whose colour immediately shows you the flavour you've chosen (red for berry, orange for tropical). The lid stays on securely, yet pulls off easily when you want to use it. There is a screw wheel at the bottom of the tube to push more lip balm up when needed, and this is easy to use, working immediately (no sitting there endlessly and fruitlessly twisting the wheel for us!).

Sweep over lips whenever more protection is needed. Can be used alone, or as a top coat to lipstick as suggested by Chapstick for extra shimmer. You could do the latter, but you may find the Chapstick gets messy if you do it often.

On the lips, the berry version appears a very natural colour with a hint of shimmer. The tropical version is a nude/clear shade.

The red berry version is definitely faithful to the product concept, and tastes like it on the lips as well (in addition to being slightly sugary). This applies equally to the tropical variant, which smells and tastes primarily of pineapple and secondarily of coconut. (The kiwi featured on the packaging with these two fruits does not really figure, however.)

--Texture and consistency--
Smooth and soft; not a hint of stickiness. 

--Effects on the lips--
Provides an effective barrier against sun and wind. No complaints here.

--Value for money--
At a mere £1.99, this definitely counts as an affordable luxury. Even though I was sent these for free by the lovely folks at Chapstick, I would without doubt purchase these myself and recommend them to others. 

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