Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Green People Scent-Free Soft Lips SPF8

RRP: £4.95

--What does the promo say?--
"A natural lip balm which keeps your lips soft and protected. Conditions and protects, giving a natural sheen. Excellent for dry, sore and chapped lips. Gives SPF8 UV protection. ‘Scent Free' formulation ideal for sensitive lips (very mild taste from natural plant oils used as the product base). Contains organic coconut, cupuaçu, vitamin E, and berry wax. Green People Scent Free Soft Lips SPF8 is made without artificial perfumes, alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), parabens, petrochemicals, colourants, lanolin and phthalates to bring you the purest lip salve that nature can offer. 65% certified organic ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans."

A small white plastic tube that'll fit right in even the smallest pocket. The orange band is distinctive and cheerful and the screw-top lid proves secure and hygienic.

The website advises applying a small amount of Scent Free Soft Lips only, and it's true that you'll only need a pea-sized amount. You also can apply from the tube to your lips directly, with no need to go via your fingers. Wear alone, or over lipstick for a subtle gloss effect.

An opaque cream-coloured gel, which turns into an attractive sheen on the lips.

As promised, it's completely scent-free. They warn that a mild taste is possible, but I couldn't detect it.

--Texture and consistency--
While it appears slightly thick and lumpy, it still comes out of the tube easily without control being lost or product being wasted. On the lips, it's completely smooth and without stickiness. Definitely the love child of gloss and balm; Green People should definitely make colour versions!

--Effects on the skin--
Moisturises lips, protects from cold winds and sunshine, and is definitely scent-free. Top stuff.

--Value for money--
At £4.95, it's not the cheapest balm out there, but it's probably the cheapest it can be given the high quality of the ingredients and the brand's ethical credentials. The price means it's also competing with brands such as Burt's Bees, Avene, and Cowshed, meaning it's appropriately valued at worst and excellent value at best. Would recommend.

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