Saturday, 9 August 2014

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Facial Wash

 RRP: £4.25

--What does the promo say?--
"This Daily Detox Facial Wash contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and skin-calming Witch Hazel in conjunction with activated Charcoal to keep your skin clear and healthy by gently cleansing and attracting dirt like a magnet, drawing out deep down impurities & excess oil without over-drying. Leaves skin feeling deeply-cleansed, smoothed & radiant."

The dark grey and pale green colour scheme is definitely new and different in a positive way; it's unisex, grown-up, and accurately reflects the product's ingredients, while also being distinguishable from other similar products. The flip-top lid also closes securely, meaning no worries about this exploding all over the inside of your suitcase when travelling.

Wet your face and lather up a pea-sized amount of the product between wet hands. Rub all over the face, then rinse off, either under the shower or by using a face cloth.

Dark grey - although happily this leaves no visible residue on the skin afterwards!

Slightly charcoaly, but not in an overwhelming way.

--Texture and consistency--
A slightly-sticky, slightly clay-like lotion lathers into a smooth grey foam. This washes off easily and doesn't leave any apparent traces.

--Effects on the skin--
When you use the product, there's immediately a lovely cooling effect - I'd guess from the tea tree and witch hazel, which are both known to have this property. Once rinsed off, skin also seems calmer and mattified straight away. Unfortunately, this doesn't last; while the product doesn't dry out the skin (which is appreciated!), it's not pleasant to feel like you've turned into an oil slick by the end of the day either. Consequently, and perhaps unsurprisingly, I didn't notice any massive improvement in my skin condition during my 4 weeks or so of using this product (in conjunction with the mask and scrub that are also in the range).

--Value for money--
This costs less than a fiver, so won't break the bank (and I was even sent mine for free by Boots' PR, so at least I didn't waste any cash on it), and so for that reason alone it's perhaps worth a try if you suffer with spots. However, my long-term acne problem is well-documented on this blog (17 years and counting, people!), so it's maybe unsurprising that what could be considered a relatively 'budget' product didn't make much of a dent. Sorry, Boots :(

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