Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Spa Review: Nirvana Spa, Berkshire

East Berkshire locals tend to hear of the Nirvana Spa before they see it: word of mouth travels fast, and this one is hot to trot: it's one of the biggest spas in the area, offering some of the best deals and nicest facilities. So after hearing about it for a long time before actually getting to visit, expectations naturally run high. Happily, you shouldn't be disappointed.

The spa is a sprawling complex with rooms coming off several different corridors, as well as outdoor pools, and probably also well-concealed treatment rooms that you only get to see if you're booked in for a massage, facial, flotation, or any of the other numerous delights that the spa offers (at an extra cost to the package or membership price; these start from as little as £17, by the way). If these don't float your boat (and why wouldn't they?), you can always book in for a shopping event or makeup demonstration, which are often included.

But even if there isn't a special event on, or you haven't booked in for a treatment, you can happily while away the hours here thanks to Nirvana's hydrotherapy pools, monsoon showers, tepidaria, aromatherapeutic sauna and steam rooms, plunge pools, fitness rooms, outdoor jacuzzis, and pools for lane swimming. All equipment is state-of-the-art, with not a tired, dated, or untidy-looking corner anywhere. 

Further to this, plenty else is included - not just the use of towels and robes, but also all soft drinks (from tea and coffee to Diet Coke and J2Os) and unlimited use of the salad bar (which is perhaps the biggest you'll ever see, including a substantial variety of vegetarian and gluten free options). Other treats are available at additional cost, such as afternoon tea, alcoholic drinks, and hot dishes in the restaurant, but many will find that the complimentary refreshments are enough to keep you going throughout your daytime or evening visit there.

These daytime or evening visits come in a variety of combinations: some include beauty treatments, which naturally bump up the price, and some are only available on certain days (which can keep your cost down). In short, however, you can spend as little or as much as you like: you can access the spa for as little as £35 for 3 hours. For a whole evening, the price is still a very affordable £55 for 5 or 6 hours. For locals, memberships can afford you a discount: the annual Spa Club 12 membership (which, as the name hints, gives you 12 visits a year) works out at £34 per visit.

During your visit, attaining relaxation should not be difficult, whether you prefer to chill in the sauna, be massaged by hydrotherapy jets, or exercise in the sports pools. On your way out, you can purchase a variety of high-quality skincare (such as Decléor and ESPA) in the spa shop, in a calm, dimly-lit environment, with ever-friendly and professional staff on hand to assist if needed. All in all, a reinvigorating experience that leaves you more in touch with your inner zen; definitely worth a return visit.
Nirvana Spa, Mole Road, Wokingham, Berkshire RG41 5DJ

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