Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Daroko Power Styler

RRP: £12
Stockist: www.daroko.com

--What does the promo say?--

"Turn your hair dryer into a powerful styling tool with this ceramic nozzle attachment. Improves your blow dry instantly and achieves shinier, smoother, longer lasting blow dries in less time! Suitable for all hair types."

The plates that comprise the power styler are tiny, so are brilliant for travel. It would be great if they came with a tiny travelling case too (made of fabric or plastic) as the plastic casing they come in initially is perhaps too flimsy for long-term use.

As mentioned, these plates are tiny (about the length of your little finger). They have two clips on each plate, and come in a variety of colours: the ones I was sent are the bright pink shown above, but you also have the choice of orange, black, silver, blue or purple.

These plates are very easy to clip onto any hair dryer nozzle that has a flat straight edge (like the one in the picture above). Even if (like me) you never normally use your hair dryer nozzle, you will find it easy to attach. Just attach the nozzle to your hair dryer, align the plates at the top of the nozzle, and then push down the clips so they are secure. Then blow dry your hair as you normally would. Just one word of caution; the plates do get very hot (as they are metal/ceramic...) so do be careful not to catch your face, neck or ears while using them. Holding sections of your hair taut, like you would when straightening your hair with traditional irons, before running the plates down them can help to prevent this.

--Effects on the hair--
This ticks all the promised boxes. Hair is straightened effortlessly and quickly for an effect that lasts all day; frizz is reduced, and blow drying did indeed seem to take less time. It also, of course, takes less time than using traditional hair straighteners to tame unruly locks. BRAVO.

--Value for money--
An affordable and effective alternative to traditional straighteners that would make a great stocking filler this Christmas. Would recommend.

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