Saturday, 1 November 2014

No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer

 RRP: £13.50
# of shades available: 8

--What does the promo say?--
"Cheat your way to the appearance of bright, healthy and youthful eyes with our No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer. Blends seamlessly with you No7 Match Made foundation, covering dark circles all day long and reducing the appearance of puffiness and fine lines for up to 8 hours."

The silver tube is elegant and sleek, so looks great in any bathroom and slips easily into any handbag. You don't have to stand there endlessly clicking the top like a loon while you wait for the first dose of the product to come out, either. Even once you've got started, the amount of product coming out of the pen is easy to control, too.

If using as a concealer, apply over blemishes or discolorations once you've applied your primer and foundation. If using as a highlighter, dab onto brow bone and/or cheekbones at the same stage. Can also be used to deflect dark shadows by using sparingly around the under-eye area. All very simple.

Definitely increases radiance in the areas applied, and doesn't act badly as a concealer either. The lightest shade worked perfectly for me, matching my skin tone very well. Beware the difference between this (which comes in 8 different shades) and the virtually indistinguishable Instant Radiance Concealer, which has exactly the same packaging but only comes in 3 shades.

Nothing discernible.

--Texture and consistency--
Smooth, light, and easy to blend. Top marks.

--Coverage and longevity--
I'd say coverage is medium to light, meaning it's probably not the best for hiding your acne. However, it seems to last well enough, meaning your new-found radiance should take you through the day with relative ease. Perhaps, though, No7 should consider renaming it as a highlighter (rather than concealer) to give consumers a better idea of what they can expect from the product.

--Value for money--
While it seems a little bonkers that this is £1 more than No7's Instant Radiance Foundation, as an alternative to YSL's Touche Eclat (which this is clearly intended to be) it's an excellent choice, particularly as it's around 50% less than the price of the original cult classic. Nobody will know the difference! Was sent mine for free by No7's lovely PR, but would buy it out of my own money and recommend it to others :)

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