Friday, 31 July 2015

Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara

RRP: £26

--What does the promo say?--
"This dual-purpose formula contains sea minerals that condition lashes so they can grow to their fullest potential, while thousands of cellulose fibers coat the lashes for a look that’s glamorous, rich and full. The Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara extra large, tapered brush makes application easy and separates lashes effortlessly. Packaged in a squeezable tube with the highest quality brush. Contains 75% more product than normal mascaras. Conditions lashes so they don’t clump, flake or break."

The gold, tapered tube is beautifully elegant and really would stand out on the shelf.

Apply a single thin coat to your lashes on one eye, before doing the same on the other eye. You can then go back and repeat the process. By alternating eyes, you end up with well-defined, well-separated lashes, rather than one thick layer of product that clumps.

Delivers a deep jet-black colour that could not fail to impress. Lashes are smoothly separated for a sophisticated finish, and lashes are effectively lengthened from the very first use.

Surprisingly actually smells relatively commercial despite the relative lack of chemicals. Odd. Still, never mind.

--Texture and consistency--
While drier than other mascaras, I often find that many commercial mascaras are very wet when new, which can make them difficult to use as the lashes frequently stick together as a consequence. The slightly stiffer consistency created by the waxes and marine extracts means that you get a perfect result from the very first use (rather than having to open the new mascara to let some air in before shutting it in a drawer for a few months, ahem). It's also easy to remove when you want to, despite having decent staying power, meaning no panda eyes for you.

--Value for money--
At £26 it's perhaps a little on the expensive side, being of equivalent retail price to brands such as Giorgio Armani, Helena Rubinstein, By Terry, Dior, and YSL mascaras. However, it's clearly high quality and the natural ingredients it's made from are a definite bonus, with results that you just can't quibble with. Terrific stuff.

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