Monday, 27 July 2015

Liz Earle: Autumn/Winter 2015

Liz Earle has a long history of harnessing the positive qualities of botanical ingredients to produce clear results in skin care, hair care, and body care. Now, as the classic products bed down in beauty buffs' consciousness thanks to the company's regular sponsorship of events such as Cowes Week and increasing presence in department stores (as well as availability on shopping channels such as QVC), the brand is keen to expand its offerings without betraying its original vision. 

This was what their recent Christmas in July event was all about - not just the promotion of their seasonal offerings for the ultra-prepared, but also their new products due for release in September and October 2015. The already popular Superskin range, launched in 2009, sees the £48 facial serum being added to the line this autumn to help you slow the ticking. Its texture is incredibly light and can thus be used at any time, whether day or night, as a complement to the existing Superskin oil (which, as one Liz Earle rep told me, can be handily added to your bath for a truly aromatherapeutic experience).

Another aromatic addition comes in the form of the new hand repair collection, which launches in October. The signature orange flower scent will be joined by two entirely new scents - the harmonious lavender and basil, and the sparkling rosemary and rock rose, which both continue to blend luxury and functionality. Texture-wise they sink in well without sticking, allowing the process of softening, smoothing and protecting to continue round the clock, regardless of how busy your day is. Containing echinacea, hops and vitamin E, they certainly merit the £21 price tag for 150ml. These are well-complemented by the hand soap, as well as the travel sizes of the hand repair cream - while these are currently available in the classic orange flower scent only, I am confident that these will also appear with the new aromas, given sufficient time.

A further key product being added to the Liz Earle range comes in the form of their latest Botanical Essence - Number 20. While BE1 has a distinct vetiver base, and BE100 is a real sparkler, BE20 combines all the best elements of the two, blending maturity and youth to reach out to as wide a customer base as possible. At £49 for 50ml it isn't cheap, but it competes well with high street equivalents, and is arguably better quality thanks to the sustainably-sourced essential oils it contains, which include mandarin, jasmine, and sandalwood. Released to celebrate the brand's 20th birthday, it successfully encapsulates the brand's modern yet grown-up image, and has been designed by parfumier Domitille Bertier, who has a degree in chemistry as well as training from the ISIPCA Perfumery School in Versailles, signifying the high level of expertise behind the brand.

This hallmark of quality is further reflected in Liz Earle's new candles, which will be released in November and mark the company's foray into home fragrance. £40 gives you 40 hours' burning time, which will be further maximised by trimming the wick after the first ten minutes' burning. Available in the same fragrances as the hand repair cream, as well as the classic eucalyptus and rosemary, it also comes in a damask rose and pink pepper variant, which nicely foreshadows the new Pink Pepper and Mint Cleanse and Polish (£20.75). Further to this, an orange and mint version of the cleansing cream will also be available. These limited editions will be available for purchase only for as long as stock lasts, rather than for a designated time period, giving extra exclusivity to the brand. This high grade of product is further enhanced by the ethical and careful sourcing of ingredients, which come from around the world: Turkey, Africa and Yorkshire, to name just a few.

This meticulous approach extends to the brand's wish to perfect its products before putting them onto the market; as I had recently suspected, representatives were able to confirm that Liz Earle's previous attempts at sunscreen had been withdrawn from the market until they could get it right. However, their after-sun gel, which contains cucumber, aloe vera and tea tree for healing and cooling, came highly recommended, with other suncare products potentially in the pipeline. This augurs well for the future (if the sun comes out, at least!), and in the meantime, we can prepare for Christmas thanks to the brand's beautiful new gift sets, which range from affordable packs priced between £20 and £30, up to the Ultimate Christmas Hamper, which retails at a sumptuous £329. Meanwhile, we can take refuge from the autumn wind and rain thanks to the newest products, which promise to fragrance our homes and our faces with the beautiful botanical essences that the brand is known for.  

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