Saturday, 14 May 2016

Kick Start Coconut Oil

RRP: from £12

--What does the promo say?--
"Kick Start Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is pure virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka. Kick Start Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil has not been hydrogenated, bleached, refined or deodorised. It comes from the finest coconut palms on the west coast of Sri Lanka, which are grown using traditional farming methods and no pesticides. It is cold pressed and filtered in modern, hygienic conditions in Sri Lanka – from crop to shop. The large 920g tub is an economical and environmentally friendly way of buying Kick Start Organic Cold Pressed  Virgin Coconut Oil. This large tub will keep you going for longer and offers excellent value for money, the foil seal and screw top lid will ensure that your virgin coconut oil will remain fresh. Kick Start Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil  has organic certification from three separate bodies: Soil Association, USDA Organic, and Control Union. Produced from the pick of the palms in Sri Lanka, the palms have been specifically planted and nurtured carefully to meet the strict criteria and high quality that you require. The coconuts are grown in the west of Sri Lanka and to the north of the capital, Colombo, and are traditionally harvested and cold pressed."

The black and red colour scheme on a white background, with a preponderance of capital letters, is unisex and punchy, and as mentioned, the foil seal and screw-top lid do help to keep the product fresh. However, while tubs do enable minimal wastage, they're not the most practical in terms of scooping the oil out and making sure none gets on the side of the pot - a pump action bottle would be far more practical and hygienic. 

How you use this depends on what you've been using it for; as you can probably see from my tags, I've been using it for basically everything. First of all, to remove makeup or cleanse skin, just rub onto the face directly with your hands before wiping off with a cotton pad or tissue. Any excess can be rubbed into your hands and cuticles, or onto other areas of your body. If there's any left on your face, it doesn't matter, as it's an excellent moisturiser. If using this as a hair mask, run the oil through dry hair and cover your pillow with a towel so that you can sleep with the oil in your hair overnight before shampooing it out in the morning.

A full, natural and unadulterated coconut smell; sweet without being overpowering.

White and waxy when stored below 18°C. It begins to melt from this temperature upwards and by the time it reaches 24°C it turns into a transparent oil, which leaves no visible residue on the skin or hair.

--Texture and consistency--
As mentioned, it depends on the temperature at which you keep it - so, waxy or oily. However, it absorbs reasonably quickly into body skin and is easy to wash out of hair after using it as a hair mask. Go easy with it if you're using it as a facial moisturiser, though, as it can leave skin looking a bit shiny if you use too much.

--Effects on the body--
An excellent moisturiser for face and body, with facial skin in particular seeing fewer spots and generally looking less angry. (You'd think that using oil on already oily skin would make the situation worse, but it actually doesn't. Post on the oil cleansing method coming soon!) As a hair mask it's equally good, helping to detangle, defrizz and condition hair. It also removes makeup very well.

--Value for money--
With the website offering discounts for buying 2 or 3 pots, as well as upgrading to the bigger 920g pot, you can really spend as much or as little as you like, and watch the value soar when buying in bulk. However, one 460g pot costs a very reasonable £12 for the quantity and quality of the product that you receive. Mine was free, but I would definitely pay this as it's such a fabulous multi-use product (and I haven't even started on the fact that it's food grade too and you can therefore cook with it - look out for an upcoming post on my food blog soon!) that works well on hair, face, hands and body - and it's ethically sourced into the bargain. Bravo!

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