Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Dry Mouth Mandarin Mint Lozenges

RRP: £8.99 for 72 lozenges

--What does the promo say?--
"The Breath Co. Mouth Wetting Lozenges are effective in eliminating bad breath including strong food odours such as garlic and onion, Morning Breath, and smoker's breath.Our mandarin mint lozenge is inteded to help relieve dry mouth symptoms when used as directed.Grab a few individually wrapped Lozenges to take on the go. Pop one after a meal or whenever your mouth tastes umpleasant or feels dry."

The green and orange colour scheme is vibrant and different to other mints on the market. However, the box itself is quite large and wrapped in plastic. Equally, all of the lozenges are individually wrapped, which is great for convenience, but not for the environment. I like the recyclable nature of the box, but it could be made smaller (in the style of Ricola lozenges) and not packaged individually.

As mentioned in the promotional materials, suck or chew on one for instantly fresher breath. Do not take more than 7 per day, as they have laxative effects.

A small, square, white mint which appears to leave no residue on the fingers or in the mouth. These are individually wrapped in clear plastic sachets.

The mint smell is evident before you even open the box. It is very strong, and as such may not be for everyone.

Again, mint dominates, but mandarin is detectable, again, giving the product a distinctive feature compared to other breath mints.

--Texture and consistency--
Soft enough to chew, but hard enough to suck, as per your preference. Not grainy or sticky.

You'd be hard pushed to consume (or exceed) 7 of these a day as the flavour is strong and long-lasting without being overpowering. 

--Value for money--
The strength of flavour leads to good value in this sense: if you were to consume 3 of these a day, a box would still last you nearly a month if you did this 7 days a week. As I'd probably normally consume 1 or 2, five days a week, a box would probably last me between 2 and 3 months. However, at 12p per lozenge, there are still many cheaper alternatives on the market, even if these lack the scientific additions of zinc (for bad breath busting) and paracress (for mouth moistening purposes). It really depends what your priorities are, and whether or not these could also be met by the range's mouthwash, chewing gum and toothpaste. Nevertheless, this still makes for a convenient and effective option at a price that is not unachievable - particularly for those with severe halitosis.

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