Friday, 24 February 2017

Clean and Clear Deep Action Facial Wipes

RRP: £3.79 for 25 wipes

--What does the promo say?--
"Each wipe gives you an unmistakable tingling sensation that tells you your skin is being thoroughly cleansed and in one easy wipe leaves it feeling cool, refreshed and clear."

The blue and green colour scheme emphasises the menthol included in the wipes, as well as being quite unisex. The protective sticker also reseals effectively, meaning there's no risk of the wipes drying out (unlike, arguably, the cheaper packets of wipes).

Wipe over face to remove all traces of makeup and dirt. I often fold mine over once I have wiped using one side, and then keep folding and wiping until I've used as much of the wipe as possible.

The white wipe is soaked in clear fluid that leaves no visible residue on the face.

The menthol included is definitely detectable, which I personally like.

--Texture and consistency--
The wipes are made of strong, sturdy material, which means not only that your face feels really clean after use, but also that it doesn't tear or stretch during use, which again, can be a problem with some cheaper wipes.

--Effects on the skin--
Thanks to the menthol, skin feels really cool and refreshed in the immediate moments during and after use. Furthermore, the inclusion of salicylic acid means skin condition is also improved in the longer term. Nevertheless, the use of a separate cleanser and moisturiser is still recommended, as there's always a risk that wipes will not remove *all* dirt and makeup, and these particular wipes do not contain a specific moisturising agent, so it's important to keep your skin balanced as well.

--Value for money--
While these may be slightly more expensive than some other wipes on the market, these are still affordable and high quality, and most refreshing to use, while cleaning your skin. Great for travel - or even just those nights when I can't be bothered. Clean & Clear's PR sent mine for free, but I'd still fork out.

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