Thursday, 16 February 2017

Phizz Rehydration Tablets

RRP: from £4.99

--What does the promo say?--
"Phizz combines a rehydration formula with vitamins & minerals in a delicious orange flavoured effervescent tablet. Taken after a big night, before a long flight or during a hard day's work, Phizz is putting it all back in. Rehydration - Phizz helps more water get where it's needed. Phizz contains the right balance of sodium & glucose in a hypotonic solution, so you can get the most out of your water. Vitamins - Phizz is packed with vitamins & minerals to help unlock your body's energy, reduce tiredness & fatigue, support mental performance, combat muscle fatigue, recharge your electrolytes & maintain a healthy immune system. PHIZZ - PLAY, TRAVEL, WORK."

The yellow packaging - standard stuff in the soluble vitamin world - is lifted by the additional black and white band at the top of the plastic tube, helping to distinguish itself. The tube is sealed by a lid that you pull out when needed, which is easy to do and yet closes securely. It would be great, however, to see sachets also available for those who prefer more environmentally-friendly packaging options than plastic tubes.

Dissolve 2 tablets per day into 300ml of water. This perhaps seems excessive given that many soluble vitamins just require one tablet per day - of similar size - to be consumed. It's possible that Phizz's tablets are more concentrated, but equally, depending on your needs, one tablet per day may suffice.

Light orange tablets dissolve in water to produce a bright orange liquid, which leaves no visible residue around or in the mouth, or in the glass.

--Scent and flavour--
Smells and tastes of orange - again, standard stuff for energy-boosting soluble vitamins.

--Texture and consistency--
The tablet dissolves quickly and effectively, with no grainy or chewy deposits to chow down at the end of the drink.

Phizz without doubt restores energy and ticks all of the promised boxes in the short term (I was sent a 5-day supply for free by Phizz's PR, so cannot comment on longer-term prospects). Beauty-wise, the vitamins and minerals that it contains have multifarious proven effects, including anti-ageing, cell repair, and improved hair and nail strength and shine.

--Value for money--
At £4.99 for a 5-day supply (10 tablets), this does not come cheap and the same effects could perhaps be better obtained longer term via a healthy, balanced diet which contains all of the vitamins and minerals mentioned above. As with anything, though, once you buy the larger tubes the value is increased: a combination pack of 30 tablets (15 days' supply), for example, is £11.99 (as opposed to the price tag of nearly £15 that would result if you scaled up the price of the smaller tube). We also all have down days where we've pushed ourselves too hard or need an energy boost, which can definitely be resolved through use of this product. It is especially good for travel, as it's convenient to carry and can counteract the poor diet often occasioned by chaotic schedules where you are frequently in transit. Definitely a good one to have in your bag for those occasions! 

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