Monday, 20 August 2007

17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish

RRP: c. £2.99

--What the promo says--
"Nail Varnish. 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish, one colour. All week, no chips, promise. Hard Working nail polish that stays put, no matter what you get up to. Shake Well and apply 2 coats for maximum coverage."

Small, slightly squat glass bottle, measuring no more than 5-6cm in height. The lid of the applicator is black, and the 17 logo and the name of the product appears on the front of the bottle in silver.

Same as any other nail polish. After applying a base coat, I'll apply the main nail colour using one streak in the middle of the nail and then one either side; after leaving to dry for 5 minutes, I'll repeat this step again, before leaving to dry and then adding the top coat. However, this takes soooo long to dry that perhaps 5 minutes for each coat is a bit optimistic. It smudges easily and it's difficult to get it on the nail in thin enough layers.

Gloopy and runny. Not good news.

The first coat of colour looks very weak, so you have to apply a second. To be fair, they do say in their promo description that 2 coats looks best. However, I'd say it still looks streaky even then even though the colour itself is strong.

--Does it do what it promises?--
Frankly, no. It chips after a day or two, even with a top coat. 'Lasting fix' my backside.

--Value for money--
Poor, especially considering the smallness of the bottle. While I liked the colour I chose (white with a sort of peacock blue sheen to it when it caught the light), I wouldn't buy this again. It was a last minute purchase (I bought it from the airport Boots when I realised I was off on holiday for 2 months but hadn't packed any nail varnish) and I wouldn't bother with this brand again.

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