Monday, 6 August 2007

Max Factor Colour Adapt

RRP: £11.95 for 30ml (ish)

# of shades available: 9, ranging from 'creamy ivory' to 'soft sable'.

I actually got my Max Factor Colour Adapt as part of a special promotion at Boots, so mine is only a sample size. I'll therefore comment on the full-size product as best I can, though please bear in mind that I have not yet tested the full-size product. My sample came in shade #70, Natural; there was no choice of colours.


The product comes in packaging that has a similar colour scheme to other lines that are similarly priced (Olay comes to mind), with a tri-tone colour scheme of navy blue, white/cream/transparent and silver. The name of the product is written on the front of the pump-action bottle in a clear, delicate font in navy blue, as well as the Max Factor logo. The colours of the packaging are reminiscent of a working woman's twinset and pearls, suggesting that this product is perhaps not aimed at the younger woman.

--What does the promo say?--

" Don’t Mask Your True Colours. Match them.
Your skin isn’t the same colour all over so why use a foundation that is? Colour Adapt flatters and works with every shade of your face to create the most natural looking base ever. The secret? Clever colour adapting particles pick up and reflect the different pigments in your complexion to give a totally sheer look without masking your skin’s true radiance."


Come on, we've all seen a pump-action bottle before. We all know how it works. Push the top of the pump down until enough of the product appears at its end. Apply to face using your desired method (fingers, brush, sponge...).


While the product appears quite smooth and runny, like most other liquid foundations, when you look at it through the transparent parts of the packaging, when it comes out of the bottle it seems more mousse-like. While light, it doesn't slide off your finger when you're trying to apply it or off your face when it's on. When the product has been applied, it blends quite seamlessly into the skin, and if you have a shade that's a couple of shades above your usual choice (as I do), it has a sort of bronzer effect. (NB - please do not take this to read that when I, normally an English-rose type, wear this, I look like I've been Tangoed, as while I worried about this, my sister told me it made me look healthier and definitely NOT like I'd deliberately painted myself orange.)


Gorgeous. Light, fluffy (I'm aware that this is starting to sound like I'm applying cake to my face - as delicious a prospect as that would be, I hasten to remind you that this is a foundation and not in fact a cake of any description. Shame...) and blends fabulously well. This also works well with non-Max Factor concealers and powders.


Not bad. No better or worse than any other foundation I've used in the past.

--How does it make your skin feel?--

Very smooth. I'm not sure if it has some kind of moisturising agent in it, but it feels like it does. There is no skin irritation.


Again, not bad - there's no need to reapply throughout the day. However, I 'set' all of my makeup with powder, so there's no way to tell how it would react without powder.


Easy to remove.

--Value for money--

On the basis of how long my sample has lasted so far, I'd say it's pretty good. A little of this stuff goes quite a long way, which is always good - not only are you not pouring your money down the drain, you're also not going to look like you've caked it on with a trowel.

--Other comments--

While this foundation has a different texture to other foundations I've tried and can apparently also double up as a bronzer, I would need to try a shade that is closer to my skin tone before making any judgements on whether or not I would buy it again.

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