Friday, 3 August 2007

Yves St Laurent Touche Eclat

RRP: £22.50

Shades available: 4

-- Packaging --
A somewhat chunky golden pen with a smooth shine and the YSL logo on it in understated black font. Black click button at one end, brush in the style of a pen nib at the other. Comes in a similarly styled cardboard box.

--What does the promo say?--
"An ultra-glamorous pen..Just two or three clicks to coat the brush, a makeup tool borrowed from the pros, ideal for applying and diffusing touches of light with absolute precision, with a texture that is ultra light, fine, impalpable, and literally becomes one with the skin. It blends with day cream, a makeup base, foundation or powder, making it ideal for touch-ups anytime, with no overload. It boasts a magical formula combining airy lightness, softness and light. Extremely light oils (volatile silicones) ensure quick, even application. A blend of moisturising, refreshing components provide a feeling of sublime softness on application and extreme comfort throughout the day. A micronised powder combined with crystalline and lamellar structured pigments allow the skin to react to light the way a prism does, giving the complexion new radiance. Their microscopic size ensures an ultra-fine, even film on the skin, and for touch-ups they blend with the pigments of makeup that's already been applied."

--Application --
Click the button at the end a few times until the product starts to appear at the end of the brush/pen nib thing. Apply directly to face.

-- Purpose --
The beauty of the Touche Eclat (and probably why it's become such a classic - it even has its own website, is that it seems to have multiple purposes. I use it as a concealer; others use it to brighten the complexion; others use it to disguise under-eye circles.

On the pen, it appears slightly runny. On the face, it takes on the appearance of powder and it doesn't appear blotchy on the facial areas where it's been applied. It also works very well with any brand of foundation or powder - at present I'm using Max Factor foundation and L'Oréal powder with it.

-- Texture --
Blends into the skin beautifully. Feels powder-light.

Pretty good, but it's probably more suited as a highlighter and as a dark-circles cover-up than it is for other blemishes such as acne.

No need to reapply throughout the day.

Easy to remove.

--Value for money--
Frankly excellent - you're getting a very high-quality product that lasts a long time. If they ever stop making it I might cry.

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