Saturday, 12 January 2008

Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturising Cream

RRP: £4.95 for 75ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Is NIVEA VISAGE YOUNG be beautiful! Tinted Moisturiser the right product for me?
* yes, if you have normal or combination young skin
* yes, if you want beautifully radiant skin without using make-up
How does it work?
* the oil-free formula provides your skin with instant moisture & is quickly absorbed
* skin refining tinted pigments adapt to your natural skin tone and visibly beautify your complexion without
clogging pores
* the special texture leaves your skin feeling noticeably softer & smoother
* an UVA/UVB filter system helps protect from the sun’s radiation
The result:
Your complexion looks naturally radiant and even. Your skin feels fresh and soft."

Ordinary plastic squeezy tube which stands on its end. The tube design is quite bright and cheerful, using a white, blue and orange colour scheme. The distinctly feminine flowery design scheme is offset by the chunky blue and silver Nivea Visage logo. All very nice to look at.

Just squeeze out and apply to clean dry skin.

The moisturiser is worryingly dark, but even on pale skin it adapts cleverly to your skintone. On the skin, it looks muddy. Be careful to rub out any streaks too, so that it doesn't look like fake tan gone wrong.

--How does your face feel?--
Moisturised, but no more so than any other moisturiser.

Creamy without being too thick, and it's not too runny. It's quite matte as well and looks more like a foundation than a traditional moisturiser.

Not great. As with most of these things, fine if you have clear skin already, but if not then it doesn't have too many advantages for you.

Not great either - it seems to slide off quite quickly.

--Value for money--
While it's got a low price tag, you have to apply an awful lot each time to see any effects, and you have to keep reapplying it too. Plus, if you don't have clear skin to begin with it's simply a wasted buy.

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