Thursday, 24 January 2008

Too Faced Fat Kiss

RRP: £11.50, though it's down to much less on some sites if you search.

no. of shades available: like the prices it seems difficult to get an exact answer; however, so far I've counted at least 5.

--What does the promo say?--
"FAT KISS will add oomph and va-va-va-volume to your thin and pouty pucker! Utilizing a secret mixture of natural essential oils, Fat Kiss will give you the appearance of having full and fabulous lips! Just roll out the perfect amount of wet and juicy gloss with its handy, retro roller ball "Diamond Pen."

A rectangular (suppose a 3D one would be a cuboid or something?), transparent canister made of plastic, displaying the lipgloss suspended within. The lid is also clear and cubic, and the front simply has the Too Faced logo, the name of the product, and a short description in black. That's it. Oh, and that rollerball mechanism which you don't seem to see too much these days though I seem to remember this underwent quite a surge in the 90s when pretty much all free lipglosses that came with magazines seemed to work this way. However, the squareness of it all, plus the fact that the lipgloss is suspended inside the main canister within a smaller one, is probably what makes it most interesting to look at.

Unscrew the lid, and then run the rollerball over your lips until suitably glossy.

Now, I've got to say this mystified me. The shade I own - Fat Currant - is perhaps unsurprisingly a daring shade of purple. I didn't think this would make me look like a goth, but I was expecting a sort of purple sheen at least. And yet...nothing. THE GLOSS COMES OUT TOTALLY CLEAR, even though in the tube it is quite clearly purple. This is possibly the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Fruity. Nice.

Unlike this lipgloss' mummy, the Lip Injection Extreme (its sister being the original Lip Injection), you don't feel any citrus-fruit type stinging with this. Just a sort of cooling sensation, which is actually nice in a strange sort of way. Hmm. It wears off after a few minutes though.

--Does it do what it says on the box?--
To be honest? No. This is the coward's option if you're not up for the Lip Injection. It clearly says 'plumping' on the tube, but despite applying this several times today, my lips showed absolutely no signs of the needle-free Botox that we all desire.

--Value for money--
Not bad if you can get it on the cheap, but I wouldn't pay £11.50 for it (that's $23 - though with the global crash perhaps not for much longer!).

--Other comments--
If you want something that works, get the Lip Injection or the Lip Injection Extreme. If you just want a normal but overpriced lipgloss, get this and mystify at the wondrous packaging.

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