Thursday, 31 January 2008

Montagne Jeunesse Squeezed Orange Extract Pore Strips (Nose)

RRP: £1.49 for a sachet containing 3 nose strips

--What does the promo say?--
"These ultra deep cleansing pore strips contain natural citrus to draw out deep-rooted impurities and blackheads for cleaner, less visible pores on and around your nose. The orange fragrance is really uplifting. Suitable for vegans; gluten free; dairy free; and nut-derivative free."

A simple throwaway plastic sachet, with a neutral background and orange decoration, plus your trademark image of a smiling clear-skinned girl wearing the pore strip. The Montagne Jeunesse logo and the bright orange 'pore strips' sign occur at the top of the sachet. The sachet is easy to open; just tear off the top and remove the nose strip (each of the 3 nose strips is also individually packaged in blue and orange mini sachets). Then undo the individual nose strip sachet to reveal the nose strip (specially shaped to fit the contours of the nasal area), stuck to a clear plastic backing. All very simple to open and it keeps each strip individually preserved until you want to use it. The packaging design is also very normal for the Montagne Jeunesse brand image.

Slightly trickier than you would expect. As well as wetting your nose, you also have to wet the back of the strip (the sticky side) before putting the strip on your face. This sounds simple, but if you wet the strip too much or not enough then it just doesn't work. Shame. Once you have the thing stuck to your nose, leave it on until it dries and hardens (should take no more than 15 minutes) and then rip off gently like you would a plaster.

The strips are white and specially shaped so that they will sit well on the nose as well as extending slightly onto the cheeks.

The strips seem very sensitive and I have experienced no irritation or dehydration of the skin while using them.

--Do they do what they say they will?--
Sometimes! If you get lucky and manage to get the amount of water right on the strip and your face then the strip clings well, dries and hardens excellently, and removes blackheads effectively. However, if you misjudge the amount of water needed (VERY easy to do - I've been using these strips for a while and still don't always get it right), then the strip doesn't harden properly and thus removes few/no blackheads. When they work, they work very very well. When they don't work they are RUBBISH.

--Value for money--
At £1.49 for 3 strips, that works out at less than 50p a strip - not bad considering that most high street brands such as Biore and T-Zone charge closer to £1 per strip. As I've said, when they work they do work extremely well (certainly better than other brands I've tried), so at that price, you've got nothing to lose.

*all of the above also applies to Montagne Jeunesse's Green Tea Forehead and Chin Strips, also £1.49 for 3 strips

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