Thursday, 14 August 2008

Bulgari Omnia (Crystalline)

RRP: £22 for 65ml @ Fragrance Direct (also available in 40ml and 25ml)

--What does the promo say?--
"Omnia Crystalline Perfume by Bvlgari for Women was introduced in 2005. Omnia Crystalline is a delicate, sensual, sparkling fragrance. A floral woody eau de toilette.

Bamboo, Japanese Pear, Lotus Flower, Balsa Wood."

The white box stands out on the shelf as it's simple and not overadorned. Just has the Bulgari logo and the name of the perfume on it in bronze, in a refreshing and uncomplicated design. The bottle itself is circular, but a sort of 'raised' or 'inflated' circle rather than a sphere. Half (the lid) is silvery and engraved with the Bulgari logo; the other half is transparent so that you can see the clear perfume. It's a really nice, simple, unusual and striking design that's easy to use and protects against leakage and wastage.

Spritz wherever desired.

It's one that people immediately react to: I was complimented on it instantly after spritzing it on at work. It really piques your interest: it's floral, but it's got depth, and as the description says, it has a slight 'woodiness' to it. However, despite its clearly beguiling effect, it isn't overpowering and it quickly becomes subtler. There is also definitely something unusual about it, and I can't think of any other fragrance to which it can be compared.

Average. Needs to be reapplied every 3-5 hours, so it's not one to stay the distance. However, one bottle does seem to last ages: I've had mine for about two years and there's still loads left.

--Value for money--
The price quoted from Fragrance Direct is so low because it's an ex-tester (which doesn't mean it's been used, probably just that it was intended for distribution to the press or retail outlets but then either never was or was simply never opened). If you feel uneasy about that, you're talking approximately £45 for the largest size, £33 for the medium, and £24 for the small, which is no better or worse than most other fragrances on the market. It's probably worth the money for its unusual scent and the fact that one bottle lasts such a long time. Buy from reputable online retailers to maximise the value-for-money factor.

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Bulgari Omnia Crystalline Bath and Shower Gel, £18 for 200ml from
Bulgari Omnia Crystalline Body Lotion, £23 for 200ml from

*Bulgari's Omnia is also available in its original incarnation (left) and in its newest version, Amethyste (right).

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Omnia Tahir said...

Hi, I searched my name out of curiosity and came upon this picture of perfume, that just so happens to have the same name am me.I jsut wanted to point that out :P :)