Thursday, 14 August 2008

Nivea Visage Young Smooth It! Mild Exfoliating Scrub

RRP: £4.65 for 75ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Is NIVEA VISAGE YOUNG smooth it! Mild Exfoliating Scrub the right product for me?

* yes, if you have normal or combination young skin
* yes, if you want a gentle scrub for peachy-soft skin

How does it work?

* extra fine exfoliators effectively remove dead skin cells to smooth the complexion
* cleanses gently without drying out the skin
* enriched with Peach Extracts, the mild formula softens the skin

The result:
Your complexion looks beautifully radiant and feels smooth & peachy-soft."

A very attractive yellow and white flowery squeezy tube. It's easily identifiable as being part of the Nivea Young range, of which all the products are similarly styled. It's translucent too, so that the product is visible through the tube.

--Usage instructions--
Squeeze out a little of the exfoliator, rub onto slightly damp face, and then wash off.

It's not really rough-looking like most exfoliators: it's a white lotion with tiny pink beads embedded. It's attractive to look at, and doesn't leave any residue on the face after use.

Really smooth - as I said, it's more like a lotion than an exfoliator. However, you can feel the beads, and after use, you do feel like the exfoliator has worked effectively, even though it's also very gentle.

--Overall effects--
Effective smoothness and reduction of dry patches.

I've only trialled this on a sample basis, but I got about 3 usages from one tiny sachet, indicating that one tube would last quite a long time.

--Value for money--
I have to admit that the price is a little higher than I was expecting. However, it's not expensive by any stretch of the imagination, and for something that's easy and pleasant to use, that actually works (though it may not reduce acne, it doesn't claim to do this), it's worth every penny. An excellent choice for young first-time exfoliant buyers.

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*£4.65 is the RRP; however, has these products retailing at between £3.18 and £3.49.

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