Monday, 11 August 2008

Avon Clearskin Deep Cleansing Cloths

RRP: £3.50 for 25 cloths; currently on promotion at £1.50 a pack

--What does the promo say?--
"Speedy wipes remove makeup, oil and pore-clogging impurities in an instant. A refreshing, purifying, and revitalising experience! 25 wipes per pack."

The packaging is perhaps slightly dated, and while this is an Avon mainstay (most of their products don't survive for 2 years+, as they are constantly changing the range), the company really needs to move with the times - if they could change the packaging of this so that it is more easily linked with their more modern, edgy Clearskin Professional line that's just been released, then that might be an improvement. The wipes packet is white, with a blue, white and purple logo at the top of the packet. The protective screen that you pull off the front of the packet each time is clear and white, and effectively keeps the wipes moist. The protective screen also closes easily and remains easy to open every time.

Pull back the protective screen, pull out one wipe, rub over face and neck, and then discard. Remember to stick the protective screen back down afterwards so that the remaining wipes keep their moisture.

Quite clinical, which in a way I almost prefer to something flowery: it makes you feel like the wipes are doing something.

The wipes are white, but the liquid in which they are soaked is not visible.

--Short-term effects--
Makeup and excess oil is removed effectively; skin feels soft and like it has been treated to improve skin condition.

--Long-term effects--
Skin condition is maintained at the very least; improved at the very most.

--Value for money--
I'd be loath to pay full price for these, even though I do quite like them: this is a 'value' brand, and it shows. However, when on offer these wipes are an excellent buy and an essential for keeping skin healthy.

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