Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sephora Nail Varnish

RRP: €4.50/$4

--What does the promo say?--
"Glaze your nails with brilliant, chip-proof shine. Our widest assortment of nail colours takes you from classic to cutting-edge with just a swipe of the brush. Each long-lasting shade is packaged in travel-ready 0.17 oz bottles, so you can tote several of your favorite shades for quick changes, on the go."

Dinky and simple. The Sephora logo is carved into the clear glass, and the lid is basic screw-top black. All of the information is available on a discreet black label on the back of the bottle. Easy.

Apply the polish to your nails in thin coats, waiting a little between coats. Three strokes per nail (centre/left/right) generally ensures an even finish. Finish with a separate top coat.

This brand arguably has the world's widest nail polish range, with its staggering range of colours not only available in the standard finish but also available in metallic, shimmery and glittery finishes. Mine is a simple matte navy which wears very well on its own but even better as an alternative French manicure (white for the majority of the nail, blue for the tips). Colour appears even and is very definite: there's no confusion with black here.

The brush tends to pick up a little too much polish, making it difficult to handle. However, the polish itself is fine.

--Drying time--

--Staying power--
Again, average (although I tested this with no top or bottom coat).

--Value for money--
It is a sample size, and an own brand too, and the price reflects this. However, there are very few bad points, making this ideal for travel or for everyday use.

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