Thursday, 20 November 2008

Thierry Mugler Rouge Unique

RRP: €31/$35
# of shades available: 7

--What does the promo say?--
"Indulge your lips with the ultimate pigment explosion. An ultra-sensory texture provides an immediate feeling of softness and comfort, as it glides effortlessly across your lips. Its formula contains a combination of waxes, softening oils and vitamins to protect the lips. The thin, diamond-cut stick offers precise application while the rich colour-intense formula guarantees a long-lasting powerful effect. All shades are presented in a luxurious silver cylinder-shaped applicator adorned with a touch of glass on the cap."

As promised: silver-bullet style with a touch of glass. A touch of class, too, for that matter: this in no way looks tacky or cheap.

Using a lip brush, or just directly from the stick, carefully sleek on the lipstick (for a full-on effect) or gently dab on, for a more understated look.

This is where things get interesting: I bought this lipstick almost solely for the fact that it has recently come out in blue. The blue magically turns pink when applied to your lips, and this idea very much has an air of 1990s retro about it - it was a time when all the ten-year-old girls in England were buying mood rings and mood lip glosses that allegedly changed colour to reflect your mood. I also couldn't get out of my head the perhaps childish idea of how undyingly chic it would be to be wearing one of my favourite outfits (dark blue Ralph Lauren skinnies, white Fat Face top, blue peeptoe stiletto heels, relevant co-ordinating jewellery, and a white and blue Liz Hurley beach bag) and then utterly complete the whole vision by whipping out a blue lipstick.
Initially I was sceptical and was worried that it would be too purple (and thus draw attention to my fluorosis-plagued teeth). However, while initially the colour turns to a bold purplish-pink, it soon calms down and even starts to look a very natural, berry-stain pink (although it is still brighter than your average nude lipstick). You also need to make sure you rub it into your lips quite well, unless you like that irritating feathering effect at the inside edges of your lips.

Very smooth, although no more so than other, cheaper lipsticks (e.g. the L'Oréal True Match ones). However, if the promotional material is anything to go by, this could potentially contain more natural materials to achieve this. (The list of ingredients reveals the inclusion of castor seed oil, candelilla wax, synthetic beeswax, and carnauba wax.)

Sadly, not amazing - although not terrible. Expect to reapply at least 2-3 times a day (although make sure your lip brush is completely dry for optimal results).

--Value for money--
I have no problem admitting that this is the most I have ever spent on a lipstick - I don't think my Guerlain one even cost this much. However, you are buying into an intelligent, young and edgy brand that I think most under-30s would be proud to be associated with; what's more, you are also buying a unique product. If anyone has seen other companies do this colour-changing lipstick thing, please say: but at present none come to mind, and it's perhaps worth your money for the uniqueness factor alone. It's also advisable to buy from a US retailer if possible: as is perhaps self-evident, they get a better deal on Thierry Mugler stuff generally (or so it seems). Don't expect much difference from other brands in terms of longevity or softness - however, I'd be surprised to find anyone displeased with this.

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