Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Avon Gloss Stick for Lips

RRP: £5
# of shades available: 4

--What does the promo say?--
"An ultra-glossy finish, in a stick! This medium coverage lip liner and lip gloss in one lasts for hours, leaving lips soft and moisturised."

This clever pencil doesn't need sharpening - you just twist the coloured end of the pencil for more gloss. No mess OR fuss. In addition, the black teamed with the colour of the gloss you have chosen and the travel-friendly lid makes for an attractive overall concept.

Pull off the lid and twist the other end of the pencil for more gloss if needed. Apply directly to lips.

This product's versatility is certainly commendable, as the result can be a full-on blast of colour with all-over application or a sheer translucent slick with just a little applied to your bottom lip and then rubbed in. There is a slight shimmer to the colour which can be natural or glitzy as you so choose. It's also appropriately shiny without looking unnatural.

Perfectly smooth and without stickiness. Despite the aforementioned shimmer you can't feel any particles of glitter on your lips either.

No discernible scent.

Just your average normal gloss here, I'm afraid - I certainly wouldn't promote it as lasting for hours.

--Value for money--
A good and innovative product at credit-crunch-busting prices: what more can you ask for?

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Anonymous said...

hiya im interested in buying this but im wary about how it looks when on...does it look like lipgloss or just shimemry lips when on? the pciture which was next to it in the brochure showed the lips looking lovely and shiny? thanks

BiancaP said...

Hi there

I'd say that the picture is fairly faithful; it's like a gloss, but with a bit of shimmer and therefore more depth (just in my opinion, mind!). Take care, and I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

thankyou for replying that helped! now ill just have to order it;)

Anonymous said...

it doesnt twist!