Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Cosmetics and Beauty News December 2008

Avon in the spotlight
Avon has recently announced that Courteney Cox Arquette, of Friends fame, will be fronting their newest fragrance, Spotlight. Marketed as a 'perfume for the stars', it will contain notes of citrus, mandarin, and bergamot, and it will cost $22.50 when it is released in the US in April (UK launch scheduled June). The bottle will have 'spotlights' on the packaging that give the impression of a dressing-room mirror. Also in June, Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy is due to promote an Avon fragrance for men, 'Unscripted'.

NuBo casts its veil of beauty over Harrods
An intriguing line of revitalising anti-ageing products has just hit Harrods in time for 2009: NuBo not only offers the standard day and night creams, but also introduces a product that lesser brands are sure to start copying. The star product in question, 'Voile', comes in three shades (Transparent, Nude, and Tan), and takes the form of a clear gel which dries powder-light, corrects skin tone and hides lines, as well as treating the latter with a truckload of hyaluronic acid. Just apply over moisturiser, and for £39.15 you're allegedly ready to go.

Hollywood skincare is coming to Britain
A-list skincare guru Kate Somerville will finally be making her UK debut in January, with products retailing exclusively at SpaceNK and promising to be just as successful as her already well-known 'ExfoliKate' exfoliator.

Earthly delights from Aveda
Set your face to 'dazzled' with these natural cosmetics from Aveda. Making a return to the UK in 2009, Aveda's Uruku cosmetics range builds on a sustainable business model and partnership with the Yawanawa tribe of the Amazon rainforest. The urukum trees guarded by the tribe yield the seeds which provide the natural pigments used in this makeup range, which comprises a range of products from shampoo to lipstick. The earthy colours, combined with traditional tribal packaging designs, should make a very merry sustainably-sourced gift this holiday season - or at any other time.

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