Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Lancôme Laque Fever

RRP: £17
# of colours available: 4

--What does the promo say?--
"Excellent definition of contours. Ultra-polished and even colour. Shine and intensity, maximized colour."

Silvery, retro and jetsetting, complete with a band of fuschia pink and the matte Lancôme flower logo. The applicator is a little difficult to pull out from the tube, as the plastic 'sponge' is quite large and petal-shaped, but there's no mess and no fuss. Looks young and modern.

Apply one coat of the lip colour to your lips, carefully following your lips' natural lines. Blot with a tissue if necessary.

None - not even that usual slightly chemical or waxy scent you can get with lip products. SCORE.

The best way to describe it is like paint; it combines the liquid of a gloss, but without the viscosity, and the smooth waxiness of a lipstick without the solidness. There are no drips when you take the applicator from the tube. Sadly, on the lips, it can feel slightly sticky, though it is in no way drying (you may wish to use lip balm to combat the tackiness, though you would then lose the lip colour's matte appearance).

The colour is surprisingly bold and yet somehow still natural-looking (while the range of colours seems surprisingly limited, one of these will suit just about everyone). Blotting works well, however, if you feel it is too bold or that you will look washed out if you have paler skin. The finished look is totally matte with no shimmer or shine, but it unifies the face, draws attention to the lips, and looks great with a subtle shadow, a simple blush, and a wow-factor mascara.

Excellent - withstands eating and drinking without feathering. Only two applications needed per day (perhaps even just one if you don't do like me and over-blot on the first go).

--Value for money--
The tackiness is the only disappointing thing about this lip colour. The colour range is great in terms of there being something for everyone, the colour itself is long-lasting, and the product is generally of a high quality (and all just for £4 more than a Benefit lip gloss). Good work.

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