Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lancôme Ôscillation

RRP: £23/$34/€35
# of shades available: 3 + a waterproof version (black only)

--What does the promo say?--
"The first vibrating Powermascara by Lancôme: 7000 oscillations per minute. Press the button and experience a breakthrough sensation in application. In one easy new gesture, let the vibrating brush combined with an exquisitely smooth formula wrap every lash up to 360°. Instantly see a fascinating gaze: lashes appear ultimately extended, remarkably separated, and virtually multiplied in number."

This is understandably a little heavier than most mascaras thanks to the motor battery system inside it. However, the weight is not prohibitive and it feels very ergonomically satisfying in the hand. The black shiny case is straight up and down with a subtle matte black button and a gold band for decoration. The button is very sensitive - you don't need to press very hard to set the vibration going, and the second you take your finger/thumb off the button, it stops. Surprisingly user-friendly.

Just press the button gently and slowly stroke the wand through your lashes. Perhaps the only obvious proviso as opposed to other mascaras is the precaution that you shouldn't use this while on the move (e.g. while using public transport), but otherwise there's nothing different regarding the use of this mascara.

While the colour is fabulous and delivers a definite wow-factor (it's also available in gun metal as well as the more conventional brown), there are definitely clumps, with the lashes not really separating properly. Nevertheless, this is pretty good if you like the babydoll look.

Smooth, and yet quite thick with it. It also seems very wet/creamy in its formula, which can make it difficult to apply (see the above comment about clumps). The brush tends to pick up too much of it thanks to the formula's thickness, which leads me to believe it may be easier to use once the mascara is a little more dried out/older.

Perhaps due to the thickness of this mascara, this seems to take a long time to dry, and consequently there are smudges at the outset. However, once it's on and dry, it definitely lasts all day (and I'm not even talking about the waterproof version here).

--Value for money--
The price of this is obviously pushed up by the vibrating wand technology, and to be honest I just wasn't that impressed by the whole thing. While it's easy enough to use, and has encouraging staying power and great colour, it didn't really separate my lashes that well, and for this price I would pick one of Givenchy's or Versace's mascaras.

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SJ said...

good review, its better to know the performance before spending so much on a mascara.

I'd say even estee lauder and YSL's Mascara are quite good. I am using Estee Lauder at the moment and love the results.