Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rimmel Sexy Curves

RRP: £7.82

--What does the promo say?--
"Lash plumping, full curve mascara. Fuller figured brush - fuller figured lashes. Curves in all the right places! The first Triple Plump brush with 3 x the curves for 70% curlier lashes. Voluptuous brush with CurveControl technology wiggles easily through your lashes, quickly coating them. Exclusive brush design curves IN to maximize lash loading, curves OUT to curl and de-clump each lash for a complete curved look. Lashes look lusciously curled, plumped and defined. Plump 'em up! Enriched with proteins, the plumping formula strengthens lashes over time for a continuous lash boosting effect. Rich cream texture instantly amplifies your natural volume x 7 and fixes the curl for 12 hour hold for fabulously fuller lashes."

Love this - it just leaps off the shelf. The only other brand to do something as daring with their mascara packaging (at least semi-)recently was Maybelline, with their lime-green packaging for their Define-A-Lash and their yellow for the Colossal Volum'Express. The brush for Sexy Curves is rubber, as has been increasingly popular over the past few years, and is an incredibly unusual shape, with the brush curving in and out repeatedly.

Proceed as with a normal mascara - carefully stroke the wand through your lashes.

The curving effect is minimal, but definitely visible. What I was most impressed by, however, was the way in which the mascara separates lashes so well, providing a smooth and unclumped look. It's a shame it's only available in one shade, though (for the moment at least).

An incredibly smooth formula that doesn't collect too thickly (on the brush or on the lashes). It's of excellent quality - not just for the general range of the RRP but on a wider scale too.

--Ease of removal--
Also excellent - no problems here.

--Value for money--
Easily the best mascara I've used this year, beating higher-end competitors hands down. Nice work.


Catriona said...


Have you used this mascara for a while? It sounds very good but I had the Rimmel Magnif'eyes one and I found that the plastic bristles fell off the brush fairly quickly. Have you found this one to be any better?

Thanks for the review!

BiancaP said...

Hi Catriona

You are most welcome. I find your comment very interesting, as I have used several mascaras with plastic bristles (Max Factor Telescopic, Maybelline Define-A-Lash etc) and have never had this problem with any of them. I have also not had this problem with Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara.

However, I have not had this mascara for very long - only for just over a month, and that's without daily use - so it's perhaps not long enough for me to say how this will fare in terms of maintaining the quality of the brush. If I notice any deterioration, I will certainly update my post to account for it.

Thanks for dropping by!


Catriona said...

Thanks. :) I didn't even use the Rimmel mascara much before the bristles started to fall off. :S

I think I'll give Sexy Curves a shot as I'm in need of new (budget) mascara as the free Benefit Bad Gal that came with Glamour is terrible!