Sunday, 6 March 2011

A few small changes to Bianca's Beauty Blog

- You will start seeing more direct price comparisons with other brands in the same price bracket under the "Value for money" section. I was doing this a little bit before, but not consistently. Now I aim to do it every time so that all 102 of you have a better point of reference.

- You may have also noticed a new feature - a type of post called "Beauty Bytes". While I will still be continuing with the monthly roundup of news, when it comes to news (usually of an event) that it is better for you to know about straight away, this will be posted as a Beauty Byte to give you as much notice as possible.

Well, I said a few, but in fact, it's just two :)  Many thanks to all of you for your support and following - keep coming, and bring others :)

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