Monday, 21 March 2011

Qiriness Purity Control Cream

RRP: €36.50 for 50ml
available at: branches of Marionnaud (France); branches of Ici Paris XL (Belgium)

--What does the promo say?--
"This airy and delicate cream gives your skin instant radiance and mattifies it whatever the circumstance for faultless skin. Purity Control Cream absorbs excess sebum, controls undesirable shine and leaves skin matte and silky, thanks to its purifying, mattifying and astringent qualities."

Disappointingly plasticated, although the silver and clear design is nice - very modern and slick. I like the fact that it's a screw-top lid, too - at this price you want to be able to get right in there and scrape out every last drop of the cream.

After cleansing with your preferred cleanser (strangely, Qiriness don't seem to do their own line of cleansers yet - so in my case, I'm using a Neal's Yard cleanser) and toning with a toner (Qiriness does do toners at least), rub in a few drops of this to moisturise your skin throughout the day. Simples.

The moisturising cream is a lovely pale duck-egg blue which fades into nothing once rubbed into the skin.

A very fresh, clean and natural, almost alpine scent - perhaps unsurprisingly seeing as it's packed with Swiss herbs.

--Texture and consistency--
Almost impossibly smooth and light and blends into skin instantly. Delightfully soft and silky to handle.

--Effects on the skin--
As I found out following a facial at the Marionnaud, it really does make your skin baby-soft, which adds a small piece of luxury to your routine every day (I'm sure every woman craves that spa-quality softness which really does last all day). It also stays true to its word in terms of keeping your skin mattified (i.e. not like an oil slick), and I have also found that it has improved my acne considerably as well. In short, it really does do everything that it says it will.

--Value for money--
While some of the other Qiriness products are insanely expensive, this one is, to my mind, worth every penny in exchange for the results I have seen. And nope, I haven't been paid to write this by anyone - I definitely paid all €36,90 of this out of my own pocket, and I would do so again. This luxurious but highly useful product is perfection and value personified.

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