Tuesday, 11 September 2012

OXY Clearlight Light Device

RRP: £39.99

--What does the promo say?--
"A proven technology called blue light therapy has been used extensively for years by dermatologists for the successful treatment of spots, acne and blemishes. It has been scientifically proven that blue light at the specific wavelength of 415nm kills spot-causing bacteria. OXY Clearlight harnesses the healing power of blue-light technology in a safe, convenient and hygienic device for home use. OXY Clearlight penetrates to the root of P. acnes, killing spot-causing bacteria and helping prevent spots from erupting. The light emits NO heat, and NO harmful UV rays. It does NOT cause drying, peeling or discomfort, either."

Surprisingly small! The white-grey device blasts all of the enormous, hideously expensive light-emitting devices that are currently available to home users into the shade: it's no longer than your own hand, meaning it's perfect for neat bathroom storage or for travel. At one end of the device is a series of small lights within an indented circle. This is the part that you press against your face wherever you want its rays to target. There's just one simple button that slides and clicks into place to turn the device on, and it turns itself off automatically when you're done too. This product runs on batteries, but they seem to last a very long time before replacement is required.

OXY's instructions read as follows: "Press the power button and place the Clearlight device over the spot. Listen for the beep indicating that the therapeutic light is at work. The device will automatically switch itself off at the end of the 3-minute treatment cycle. Use twice daily, morning and evening, for 3 minutes until your spot has cleared." There's nothing difficult about this, although it's obviously quicker if you just have one or two spots, as opposed to having a full face of them.

The design of the device is clearly functional rather than decorative, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's ergonomically designed, from how it feels in your hand to how it feels against your face, so there's certainly no discomfort involved. The blue lights are only visible if you're not pressing the device against your skin correctly (but it's so easy to use that this should be an unlikely scenario).

Having used at-home hair removal devices and also had professional electrolysis, where your skin often tingles in a way that almost breaches on pain thanks to the heat involved, I was expecting to feel something while I used this device. Happily, it's completely pain-free to the point that you feel absolutely nothing - you can quite easily clean your teeth, chat to your partner, or just have a little uninterrupted thinking time while you use the device until it turns itself off at the end of the cycle. Brill.

--Effects on the skin--
If you press too hard you'll get a little pressure ring on your skin where you've used the device, so be careful! This is just inconvenient, not painful, but just remember that there's no need to press the device against your skin for it to work effectively. I definitely found that spot size and redness was reduced much more quickly than normal while using this product. Top stuff!

--Value for money--
I can understand why consumers may baulk a little at the nearly-£40 price tag, especially as a lot of acne sufferers are going to be students with little spare cash. However, I'd definitely say it's worth the investment. It gets rid of the spot quickly, that's true - but the peace of mind and confidence this also affords you is invaluable.   

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All 5 OXY products are also available as a special bundle from OXY's website at a promotional price of £54.95, saving you £10 of the full retail price.

For the 4 skin care products alone (minus the Clearlight device), another special package is available at the price of £19.99 (instead of £24.96).   


Zaggora Girl said...

Great blog and awesome review for the OXY clearlight light device! Do you know of any other great creams that have a similar effect?

BiancaP said...

Hi Zaggora Girl

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I can't think of any other treatments I've tried recently that have a similarly positive effect.

However, I'd recommend these two products that I tried earlier this year:

Hope this helps a bit :)

Zaggora Girl said...

Thanks Bianca! :) We love your blog!What creams would you suggest for dry skin?

Zaggora Girl said...

Thanks Bianca! :) We love your blog!What creams would you suggest for dry skin?

BiancaP said...

You're welcome, and thank you! I haven't really tested any dry skin creams in great detail as this isn't my skin type but I will investigate and see what I come up with :)

Zaggora Girl said...

Thanks so much, you're great! :)