Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lush Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub

RRP: £2.95

--What does the promo say?--
"Those great Christmas traditions of sun, surf and Santa! A sunny citrus body scrub with hints of floral, to perk up winter skin or get summer skin swimming-suit ready."

In traditional Lush style, packaging is limited to a yellow paper sleeve. However, I'd strongly advise the purchase of an additional tin for this product due to reasons stated below.

Rub gently over damp skin during a shower. Don't scrub too hard - the sugar particles will do all of the work. Then rinse off.

Despite the fire-engine red of Santa's hat, this doesn't leave any visible residue on the skin (although it might make your shower look like you've been filming a scene from Psycho for a few minutes). This is one of the reasons why you will need a tin with a lid for this product as the colour does leach out quite a bit on contact with water - a soap dish with no lid just doesn't cut it. The shape of the scrub bar is very definitely a Santa head with a hat on, so perfect for getting you into a festive mood.

The overriding smell is that of peppermint, which along with the product's red and white colours really helps to evoke seasonal images of candy canes. This doesn't last as long on the skin as it could, though, and is strange, as it appears to deliberately contradict the main scents actually featuring in the ingredients list: rosewood, sandalwood and orange!

--Texture and consistency--
Delightfully scrubby without being too abrasive. However, it does have a tendency to fall apart or dissolve on contact with water (another reason why a tin with a lid is needed) and some of the larger crystals don't actually break down, leading to a small amount of wastage.

--Effects on the skin--
The essential oils used, combined with the exfoliating properties of the sugar, lead to super smooth and soft skin. Definitely a must in these cold winter months while trying to dodge dry patches.

--Value for money--
At a mere £2.95 this makes a fun stocking filler and it actually lasts a few weeks too, making it great for making your bathroom look a lot like Christmas. Just make sure you get the tin with it, no matter who you're buying for.

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