Sunday, 30 December 2012

Philosophy Spiced Clementine Toddy Gift Set

RRP: £18 (currently £9 in the sale)

--What does the promo say?--
"Share seasonal spirit. Spiced clementine toddy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath (240 ml.) and body lotion (240 ml.) warm your heart and soul during and after the shower or bath."

The dotty bow decoration on the box is lovely for a gift (especially for anyone with a January birthday, as you can grab this for half price in the sale at the moment), and the bottles themselves are classic Philosophy: transparent, so you can always see how much is left, with black writing detailing yummy recipes for the foodstuff that inspired the product. The black fliptop plastic lid is stylish, practical and secure.

Lather up the 3-in-1 product in the shower, or pour under running water. Clean your hair with it as well if you like before rinsing off. As for the body lotion, rub into slightly damp or dry skin. Easy as pie (well, toddy).

The bright orange shower gel definitely doesn't stain or even create much colour, foaming to a white/light orange lather. The body lotion is just a creamy colour, leaving no residue on the skin.

I was a little disappointed with the bath and shower product, as it smelled a bit too masculine for me (although I can't find a specific ingredient causing this) and evoked bitter orange peel scents and general alcohol more than spice and the sweetness of orange juice. The body lotion was better for this, meaning you could even share this pack with your better half (you can swipe the body lotion, and he can have the shower romantic).

--Texture and consistency---
The gel is smooth and quite runny, without being watery or sticky. The body lotion does equally well in this regard, sinking in super-quickly and providing a luxurious experience.

--Effects on skin and hair--
Body skin and hair are left feeling amazingly smooth and soft, with hair feeling volumised and nourished. Definitely a top scorer.

--Value for money--
A little goes a long way with this stuff and you definitely get good results too. Even though it's a pain that you can't buy both products separately, they do represent good value, with this being even truer now that Philosophy's sale is on. Go and get it!

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