Thursday, 13 December 2012

Neutrogena Nordic Berry Hand Cream

RRP: £3.30

--What does the promo say?--

"NEUTROGENA Nordic Berry hand-cream 75ml - the Norwegian recipe - provides immediate relief and protection even for very dry and fissured hands. The cream is concentrated, with a high content of glycerin, and therefore it is sufficient to apply a very small amount. Even in considerably unfavourable conditions, it leaves hands markedly softer and smoother.
Suitable for sensitive skin."

The white background, contrasted by the bright berries in the bottom corner, provides a feeling of brightness in conjunction with peace, and does a lot to evoke a wintry atmosphere. The squeezy tube is easy to use, posing no problems of wastage or leakage.

Massage into clean dry hands as needed.

A white cream that leaves no visible residue on the hands after use.

 Smells sweet, but not ostensibly of berry to most people, I would imagine. This is probably because the berry in question is the rather obscure cloudberry, rather than being a more obviously identifiable berry scent like strawberry or blueberry. Not unpleasant, however. Does not smell at all of the shea butter that the cream also contains.

--Texture and consistency--
I have read some reviews online which describe this cream as fast-absorbing, but I cannot agree - I find that it sits on the skin for quite a long time before finally sinking in, meaning that this is probably one best reserved for night-time use. While the cream is lots of things - luxurious, silky - fast-absorbing it ain't.

--Effects on the skin--
Does leave skin feeling softer than before, although you need to make sure you get it properly between your fingers to combat the full effects of winter.

--Value for money--
Curiously, this doesn't seem to be widely available at the moment, even though it's been released by Neutrogena very recently and to great fanfare (mine arrived in a beautiful winter-themed box from their PR folks with another Neutrogena hand cream). However, if its RRP is really £3.30, this seems about right to me for this quality of cream. They would need to make it absorb faster (somehow) for me to consider paying much more, making the sub-£5 mark perfectly acceptable. Its dinky size also makes it an excellent stocking filler, ensuring that your hands will survive the winter.

perfect partner
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