Sunday, 26 May 2013

Aussie Take The Heat Shampoo

RRP: £4.49

--What does the promo say?--
"It's a given. You look hot. But while you smoulder, your hair doesn't have to. Singed hair doesn't match that LBD, so grab a bottle of Aussie Take the Heat Shampoo. Lather. Rinse. Style. Sorted. It protects your locks from the harsh effects of primping and preening."

A cream, dark purple and dark red squeezy bottle makes for an unusual colour scheme that definitely stands out on the shelf. The lid is in the push-down style whereby it flips up to reveal the opening. The kangaroo emblem on the bottle also adds a fun touch and definitely evokes the notion of the brand being from Australia, and there is a nice balance of image and text too.

Rub through wet hair, and then rinse out. Perfect if you are planning to dry your hair afterwards and/or use other heat styling tools such as straighteners.

A pale cream lotion that leaves no visible residue on the hair.

The jojoba oil scent comes through strongly. For those who don't know it, it's simultaneously 'clean' and luxurious, which I think is reflective of the brand in general.

--Texture and consistency--
This makes for an opulent experience thanks to the creamy yet light texture. It's not runny or claggy and is easy to wash out when required.

--Effects on the hair--
Hair is immediately degreased as well as having added volume and luminosity. It also retains extra softness even in the face of heat styling products. However, I would like these effects to last a bit longer than just a day or so; within 48 hours it seems like you have to wash again, but maybe this just comes down to individual variations in hair type.

--Value for money--
I think Aussie have pitched this fairly, with this product falling into the same price bracket as other salon-style brands, such as Fudge, Tresemmé, and Schwarzkopf. However, I'd perhaps recommend spending the extra 50p or so and going for the 3-Minute Miracle, which really does deliver amazing results. 

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