Sunday, 19 May 2013

Eyeko Curvy Brush Mascara

RRP: £15

--What does the promo say?--
"For a flirty lash look curl up with Curvy Brush. Our multi-action brush with tiered bristle clusters is designed to define, curl and lift lashes. We use a unique conditioning formula that blends key ingredients Keratin and Shea Butter for soft and supple lashes that stay lifted and curled. Intense jet-black colour. No smudging, crumbling or flaking. Water-resistant. Lifts lashes to a 90 degree angle for 12hrs+ hold. Paraben-free formula. Easy to remove."

The lipgloss style tube makes this new and different to other mascaras, and the screw-top lid is easy to open whenever you need it, while simultaneously offering secure closure. The silver and pink colour scheme is edgy yet feminine - what's not to like?

Eyeko claims to offer a free shield in every box to aid application, but I didn't find mine (perhaps because I didn't know to look for it; it could well have been in there and got accidentally thrown away). If you do have it, it claims to maximise length and minimise smudges - just pop it underneath your lashes while you apply the mascara. I definitely could have done with this as smudges seem to occur easily with this mascara (more on this later).

Lashes are separated well with this mascara, and the promised jet-black colour does not disappoint. However, smudges are definitely a danger during application (see below), which can have a definite effect on the final result.

--Texture and consistency--
While the smooth formula means lashes don't clump too badly (and that it's easy enough to remove the mascara later), this formula is very wet, meaning it's nearly impossible to avoid (and subsequently remove neatly) those annoying smudges that inevitably result below the lower lashes.

--Value for money--
£15 is pushing it for something that doesn't give a near-perfect result. I like my mascara formulas slightly drier to allow for easier application and a more agreeable consistency. It's also a lot to charge for a brand that's relatively unknown; at least Urban Decay and Stila have fame and a solid reputation on their side. For this money, I'd be more likely to choose a mascara from either of these brands, or from Jane Iredale or Aveda, which provide the same 'natural' credentials.

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