Thursday, 21 June 2007

MAC Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour

RRP: £15.50 for 8ml tube
No. of shades available: 14 in Lustre range, 17 in regular Longwear range

Comes in a slender black cardboard box, with white writing detailing the name, shade, ingredients etc. Very sleek and stylish, but obviously the box wears with age. The tube itself is actually comprised of 2 small tubes, linked by a black handle in the middle. The black handle has "MAC Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour" written on it in silver. Off the right-hand side of the handle you have the lipcolour itself, and off the left-hand side you have the shimmer/sealant.

--What does the promo say?--
"A two-step application of lightweight colour + mirror-finished top coat. Apply the colour. Let it dry. Apply the top coat! Provides sheer to medium coverage with a rich, lustrous, moisturizing finish. Longwearing, comfortable on the lips. Won’t shift, transfer, feather or smudge. Replacement top coats available."

Twist the handle and pull to your left to release the applicator for the lipcolour. Apply the lipcolour all over your lips. One coat is fine, but two is better if you're looking for it to last all evening. Push the applicator back into the lipcolour and twist to close. Leave to dry (should take no longer than 5 mins) and then twist the handle and pull to your right to release the applicator for the gloss. Apply as you would a regular gloss and reapply as needed.

--Appearance and scent--
The gloss and lipcolour complement one another really well. Beware that the colours look slightly lighter/more subtle on the website than they do in reality - it's really better to go into a MAC store and try some samples for yourself. There is not really a strong scent - it smells slightly waxy, as most lipsticks do, but that's pretty normal and you don't notice it. The difference between the Lustre Pro Longwear and the regular Pro Longwear is that the Lustre has a slight glitter effect in the gloss, whereas the regular one doesn't. When it's on, the stronger shades in particular are very striking, so I'd recommend minimal makeup elsewhere on the face for maximum impact.

The lipcolour is quite smooth, though while it's drying on your lips it does feel like paint. The lipgloss is lovely - very smooth indeed and I wouldn't wear the lipcolour without it.

Excellent - just apply two coats of the lipcolour and then keep reapplying the gloss for long-lasting colour. I find it much better than the Max Factor equivalent (Lipfinity).

Slightly tough to remove, but not impossible. You do have to scrub at your lips a bit, so to remove it, I wouldn't recommend using a removal cream with cotton pads like I would normally do - buy some of those makeup removal wipes so that you don't get removal cream in your mouth.

--How do your lips feel afterwards?--
Fine, but I would still recommend using a good lip balm afterwards (Nivea or Vaseline) just to be sure.

--Value for money--
I won't lie, it is expensive, but a tube lasts a very long time, it does what it says on the tin, and is way better than the Max Factor equivalent. Admittedly I am biased (I do have 3 tubes), but I would definitely recommend it as a treat.

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