Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Not much to say here. I'm Bianca, and alongside my more intellectual pursuits (ha), I'm a big fan of crappy fashion and beauty magazines (though NOT the celebrity ones; I generally find Company, Look and Harper's Bazaar to be good), and beauty products and cosmetics generally.

I used to use Ciao to record my experiences with my vast array of beauty products (I'll be reviewing products here to suit every taste and budget, from premium beauty to budget bargains), but a) it now keeps crashing every time I try and do a new review; and b) it's a bitch to add new products that they haven't deemed worthy. Or maybe I am just too stupid. Either way, I also quite like the idea of having my own space for this kind of thing, and I want to keep it separate from my livejournal, which is primarily used for Venting Angst.

When I'm not doing this, I have a degree to do. I'm currently studying for a Master's in Linguistics at Oxford University, UK; before that I completed my BA in Classics and English at the University of Exeter and am a proud member of the 2.1 club.

So my aim here (later) will be to review every beauty product I own (and believe me, there are lots), get lots of hits, and maybe (just maybe) be spotted by someone important so that I can have my own beauty/cosmetics column somewhere. Or something like that. Hmm - ambitious, much?

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